Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Trugoy Nezorf

  • Airwolf was a good show. It was like Knight Rider, except in the air. Brilliant.
  • My Fantasy Football team this year doesn't suck.
  • The best Monday night cure for boredom is to bake a cake.
  • Pigtails are FUN.
  • G4TV has an In-Demand channel! Can you believe that?
  • I have just been informed that I will not be getting paid for the workplace Team Builder scheduled for this Thursday. I guess I'll have to go see Wedding Crashers on my own time.
  • I leave for the group bunny beach bash on the island in 16 days. Invitations still open.
  • Flirting through blog comments and instant messenger is way too easy. If flirting like that took place in bars, everybody would have an STD.
  • Ashley and Jen only lick my nipples when they are drunk, and it's giving me a complex.
  • I never liked the show Jackass. Never.
  • Does anybody else think that the Olsen twins are going to do soft porn someday?
  • Sometimes, I'm so bored it makes me wish I still played with toys. I miss my GI Joe action figures.
  • Why was GI Joe called an 'action figure' but He-Man was called a 'doll' ?
  • My buddy John and I spent the better part of 30 minutes trying to remember what the name of He-Man's cat was. Not Powercat, but the alter-ego cat...the cowardly cat. I said that I thought it was Cringer. Neither one of us took the time to look it up, so it's still a mystery to us.
  • The most decimals of Pi I still have memorized from high school: 3.1415926535897
  • Heather Brooke can teach your girlfriend many wonderful things.
  • I've decided that I do not like Aquafina Flavor Splash
  • I hate the new yellow Sprint color. It makes me want to punch things.
  • I'm not wearing underwear today and it makes me feel dangerous.
  • I plan on having beef flavored Ramen noodles tonight.
  • I haven't partied with Elizabeth for over a month and it makes me sad.
  • I'm wondering where to take my video camera to get it fixed...the damn thing has been broken since last summer. Is there such a thing as a video camera repair shop?
  • Random food craving of the week: EZ Cheese
  • The results from last week's poll shows that most people are more attracted to threesomes and group bunny, than anything else.
  • Don't you hate it when people don't finish a sen


Pizzle said...

Shan, you're correct. The cat in He-Man was Cringer.

Shanshu said...

BOOM! John can suck my nuzzles. I knew I was right! Thanks for the clarification, pizz.

Danius Maximus said...

I have been saying for years that ashley olsen is going to make it big. The name rolls of the tounge. Ashley Olsen. Like butter. Mary Kate is going to drop off the face of the planet for a while until you're in the line at Cub and see the enquirer where they find her in a motel 6 with an eight ball and five guys she doesn't know. Thats my prophecy, await the coming...

Ms. Adventures said...

* Never saw Airwolf
* You bake??
* Why do I have the feeling that your admiration for pigtails has alterior motives?
* Are you really going to go have group "bunny"? Like for real?
*I never liked Jackass either.
*The Olsens are SO going to do soft porn, probably with each other.
* I still play with toys. My kids and I just did Lite Brite the other night. Oooh that rhymes!
I can still remember the rap we did in 5th grade to learn the 50 states.
* I've learned from Heather Brooke ;)
* Ramen noodles and no undies? You're livin on the EDGE!
*they do have video camera repair shops but most of the time it's more expensive to fix than to buy an new one. You should check it out.

Crystal said...

Airwolf & Knight Rider were okay but they ain't got nothin on McGyver!
I say the best Monday night cure for boredom is to masturbate.
Pigtails are good for pulling.
"If flirting like that took place in bars, everybody would have an STD." LOL! So true. But damn, I do enjoy it.
The Olsen twins remind me of my younger sister so I like to think, no.
"Sometimes, I'm so bored it makes me wish I still played with toys. I miss my GI Joe action figures." I've felt this way before and have actually pulled my barbies out of the attic. It didn't work for the boredom.
My brother & I SO loved the whole He-Man & She-Ra series. We had Skelator's castle. You spoke into a microphone and your voice sounded scary! It was the bomb! Damn stepmom threw it away. Bitch.
"I'm not wearing underwear today and it makes me feel dangerous." Like James Bond? Hmm..I wonder if James Bond ever went commando? I bet so. All the times he had to get dressed in a hurry - way too easy to forget your underwear. Do you wear boxers or briefs?
Ramen noodles = gag!

Mossy Stone said...

Cringer, as I recall, became Battle Cat upon the cry, 'By The Power of Greyskull!"

Olsons? Definitely soft porn. Probably a college-themed vid for those into anorexic misfits.

Crystal has some interesting ideas. Listen to her. ;-)

drunkbh said...

There's so much random stuff that I'm not sure which to comment on.
The Olsen twins will definatly do porn.

I'm most amused by the pigtails and no underwear.

wrmblnwrck said...

why is the title "frozen yogurt" backwards??

Shanshu said...

max: I agree! We'll see Ashley Olsen soon enough.

ashley: I bake, sort of. Those cake mixes only require you to add eggs and oil. Don't be afraid of the group bunny...I know it's exciting. God bless you for knowing Heather Brooke! +5 cool points. Thanks for the info on the camera shops...I may just buy a new one.

crystal: Pigtails ARE good for pulling. Boxers, all the way. Your Monday boredom cure is much better than mine.

Mossy: Cringer is the answer, and crystal knows her stuff. but don't forget drunkbh...she's down with the group bunny.

Shanshu said...

rich: don't make me explain it to you, and embarrass you in front of all of these nice people.


Pizzle said...

Ah, "The Into Plunge".

How I miss the old days...

Ms. Adventures said...

hey! it takes a real man to use a cake mix!

I'm SO not afraid of group bunny....buuut.... probably not in the way my husband would like it. I'm down for girls to an extent but guys are more interesting to me.

Shanshu said...

ashley: well, group bunny is group bunny I always say. Whatever gives you the warm fuzzies is all good.

one of these days I'm going to do a post about group bunny only, and just watch the comments add up!


Rowan said...

Ashley: I know where you are coming from sister, men are more uptight than they let on dontcha think?

Shanshu: Mmmm, boxers...sounds nice and cool....I am comando a lot of the time myself. I am now hungry for cake. I have more tiling to do tonight wa-a-a-ha!!!!

Yo! When you coming back for a visit hmm? I miss having your funny comments to view. If you've been by but my posts are not intersting, well, just ignore my little rambling session here.

Ms. Adventures said...

Shanshu: Yes you should. I'd like to hear about this thing you're getting ready to do.

Rowan: yes they absolutely are more uptight. I am fairly intolerant when it comes to that, though in this relationship I've already messed up and accepted things I normally wouldn't want to (as far as rules he's set up for me). Double standard stuff....*shrug* ah well such is life.

Shanshu said...

Rowan: girl, you crazy. I posted a comment today, actually. HA! Bet you feel silly now, don't ya? :)

Ashley: I'm not sure if my group bunny post would be about the upcoming island trip....but you never know. It might have to be one of those "so this happened to me last summer" kind of group bunny stories.


EBethToThePowerOf? said...

--I always wondered by the teams from Sprint were always so bored/depressed when they choose to come here on tours. Now I know: They're not gettin' paid!

--"Fifty Nifty United States" I can still sing it word perfect. Thanks a lot, Miss Smith and your demonic vocal music class.

--I never wear underwear if I can help it, which has been less recently lately (skirt phase). Commando is the only way to go.

--If you want to have a hella good time, host a whiskey tango wine tasting party. This includes the James winery (or whatever it's called) wines made in Missouri, which taste like fruit punch, a bunch of chicken, sour cream and onion, etc. flavored crackers, and varieties of EZ cheese. Then, treat it with deadly seriousness, handing out score cards on which people can rank the flavors and bouquets of the various cheeses and wines. When you're done, EZ cheese fights ensue.

B.O.B.I. said...

I like the eye-patch on the old guy. How the hell can he get anywhere near a flying contraption?

Pigtails ARE fun, but ponytails are funner.

Wedding Crashers rocked, just be prepared for a dating crowd. If there IS a dating crowd, laugh at all the misogynist jokes.

I still don't know what flirting is. Never have.

I never saw Jackass. I feel somehow less of a person for it.

Not soft porn. One of them will take the offer from Playboy and spin into a gangbang while the other will rise back up to "B" actor status.

I never called He-Man a "doll".

Had I a girlfriend, she would definitely know Heather.

Aquafina Flavor Splash makes my spleen hurt.

How the HELL do you not wear underwear? That's just too damn uncomfortable.

Damn, now I want EZ Mac.

Thanks for the video props!

l'il bear said...

Dude - we need more guys like you up here in Canada. Seriously.

A lot of pig-tailed girls are wandering around wondering where all you cake-baking bunny guys going commando are.

A new study shows 1 in 4 people have herpes... you're right about the STD thing.

suzi said...

and i thought that i was the only one who loved airwolf

Callie said...

Okay - so I'm losing cool points, but who is Heather Brooke? Porn star?

I liked Airwolf. As I recall, the pilot was cute.

Aquafina Flavor Splash is disgusting. Blech.

Group bunny sounds very fun, but I'd probably be the voyeur, watching from the outskirts. More than likely, taking notes. *blush*

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

In high school, we called EZ Cheese "slut cheese." It seemed to make it that much tastier.

Shanshu said...

ebeth: good job on the no undies thing...that's a great way to live.

bobi: how DID that guy with the eye patch fly? Never thought of that before.

holly: Well, it's settled. When I come to visit Canada, I'll be looking you up and you can show me all of the wonderful things.

suzi: you are not alone, my child.

callie: Heather Brooke is a housewife with some TALET for videos. Yes, it's porn but she's not a pro.

hmh: slut cheese is MUCH cooler than EZ Cheese. I'm going to start calling it that, from now on.

Eddie said...

The Olsen twins are hot. Who in the world is Airwolf? Anyway, I checked out all of your ads. See my blogs sometime. Thanks.

B.O.B.I. said...

Woah, woah, woah, Shan. Heather's talent certainly seems professional to me.
That is, I've never seen a fully produced film with her like in it. It'd be change for the better, methinks.

Anonymous said...

why wudn't one want a threes
(i hate it when i do that shit)

Spinning Girl said...

I just decided to make it a Spray Cheese Weekend. Thanks, shan.
When I read your blog I take off al