Monday, August 22, 2005

I Hate Mondays

I hate Mondays. They bore me. Since I have no desire to be at work today, and since I have no desire to be awake at this exact moment in time, I am going to go ahead and do a quick post that requires little brain power and very little use of witt.

So I present you with: 5 Questions! Given to me by Pizzle, who got his from **~*E*~** :

1. If they made the movie of your life, your part would be played by who? Why?
Assuming anybody would want to make a movie about my life, I would have to assume that I was very popular and interesting. That means that they'd go with somebody famous and interesting to play me...therefore the only suitable person would be Tom Cruise. Plus, we both have dark hair.

2. Who are your personal heroes?
I've never known the answer to this question, to be honest. I really don't have anybody who I consider to be a hero. I want to say something like God or Jesus...but then I'm just lame. I could say my mother, because she is damn near perfect in my opinion...but then I'm a momma's boy. I could say lots of things, but all of them would be attempts to look cooler than I really am. The answer is: I don't have a hero.

3. What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Dropping everything I had in the world, and heading across the pond to backpack across Europe. It was by far the craziest bunny thing I've ever done in my life, to this point. Most of my friends didn't think I had the rocks to do it. My penis grew about 2 inches after that trip.

4. What is your most annoying habit?
You'd have to ask my friends this question. Nothing I do annoys me, or else I would stop doing it. I'm sure people who know me keep a diary about stuff I do that makes them want to murder me in my sleep.

5. What is your dirty little secret?
The Kung Pao story actually happened, with minor details changed to protect the not so innocent.

Happy Frigging Monday!!


Justin said...

I want to go to Europe, if it'll make my manhood grow 2 inches! :) LOL, sounds like a fun trip, that would take some balls to go do!

musie said...

poor monday..everyone hates it so, and its only crime, is being the start of the work week. *shows monday some love*
oh ill keep you entertained with my answers too, hmmmm-

1. Reese Witherspoon. cause that online test said so? well we look NOTHING alike, but just her kinda flakey, but funny, genuine, sweet good nature, would convey my personality well.

2. My hero is my dad, because he raised us, always put our needs first, and was never afraid to say , i love you.

3. craziest thing would be to pick up and move to chicago i suppose. though im known for sudden, un thought out things.

4. i pick apart my food. like hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos..everything, i tear into -tiny pieces and eat it, i can't just bite into it...its gotta be weird to the person watching me.

5. i would rather "go commando" then do laundry sometimes *blush*

Spinning Girl said...

Ooh, maybe I can convince my boyfriend to travel to Europe.

Danius Maximus said...

1. jake gyllenhaal to play me, carrot top to play BOBI, and the dude from king of queens to play my other roomie adam.
2. Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Gene Roddenberry, Bill Gates, and Moses
3. I haven't done anything very crazy, guess I'm kind of boring
4. my chipper disposition
5. I secretly love watching Passions

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

hehehehe...I liked this entry, and getting a little glimpse into your world. :)

and yeah, going to europe does something to you. call it a change of perspective, call it pride, whatever. you need to make it back over here soon so i can buy you that pint i owe ya. ;)

babyjewels said...

Love the answer to #4!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Crystal said...

Tom Cruise = Yuck :(

Go with Clive Owen, he's extremely sexy and he can fake an American accent!

Callie said...

Shanshu - you've GOT to be kidding. Tom Cruise??? Blech!! That freak midget?

As much as I like you, I would NEVER go see a movie about you with him in it. The boy just gives me the willies.

Crystal has an idea - Clive wouldn't be too bad. Even better would be that dude from LOTR who played Aragorn (I'm so bad with names!).

Shanshu said... much crap over the Cruise man. I guess I could alter my answer to help quell the wrath of the masses...but then I'd be conforming and adapting myself to the wills of society, and that cannot stand.

So Tom stays in my answer, but only for the principle of it. Not because I love the guy, or anything.

Cass said...

1. Brittany Murphy. I think we both probably share a lot of the same annoying characteristics. And we have the same nose. And we are about the same size. (maybe this isn't a recent picture, ok!)

2. The hero question stumps me too. I have been asked it in interviews, and usually blurt out something totally retarded.

3. I joined the Navy on a whim once. Clinton's Navy, not too bad at all.

4. I think my most annoying habit is constantly popping my knuckes and picking at my nails and cuticles.

5. I like Mariah Carey's music.

eyes only said...

many greetings from good old (cold)germany :O) maybe the size of the german penises is the reason that I still love german men although they disappoint me again and again ;O) *thihi*

Connie said...

I actually think Tom is a good answer. But maybe a younger version of him, like Maverick in Top Gun. :)

Rowan said...

yeah Monday's kinda suck, I think i'm still sleeping..."Hey Boss! Can we get another coffee run? What? Oh yeah? we had our last one 10 mins ago you say? Ok, I'll ask again in 5..."

Pizzle said...

Wow...dawg, you got BLASTED by spam today. How unfortunate.

Btw, you're supposed to add the last part of the post with the instructions to the end of your post. (see the stuff in red on my post of similar nature).

Shanshu said...

I FUCKING HATE COMMENTS SPAM. Do they really think we are falling for this shit? Dammit that pisses me off to no end. I got 5 spam comments in 1 post today.


g_samsa said...

I agree with your assesment of number 4. If it's realy anoying then you wouldn't do it otherwise you would be irritating yourself. So, I guess we all might have an irritating something about us but if it were irritating to us then it wouldn't exist. That question in obviously meant for your friends to answere?

Hero: My hero is Superman because he's just a super hero to have. He he he

drunkbh said...

I'm jealous! I want to backpack across Europe.

BTW- I love the new weekly poll.

B.O.B.I. said...

Ooo, read Pizzle's instructions.


Shanshu said...

ok BOBI here is your interview:

1.What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?
2.Who would win in a fight? Superman or Neo? Explain your answer.
3.Would you cut off your little toe for a chance at group bunny with models? Would you cut off your buddy’s little toe for the chance?
4.Explain why you like or dislike strip clubs?
5.What is your favorite book? Why?

Nameless said...

After his Oprah stunt does ANYONE want to cast him in movies anymore? He's got a screw loose.

Anonymous said...

dude u're dick grew 2 inches just from backpacking through europe? fuck me! (not literally), but that's some voodoo shit u got goin on there.... ;)

seriously....everyone has annoying's natural...that's one of mine....pissin people off. cool post.

Xtine said...

I agree with CrystalPistol - Clive Owen before Cruisazy.

Bobby said...

Great blog. Every inch counts.


Verbal Vomit

Rowan said...

1. If they made the movie of your life, your part would be played by who? Why? I see my life being played by Angelina Jolie. She's versitile. Her range can encompass from sweet to crazy to sexy in a very believable and realistic manner. As my life has ranged through all of these, I wouldn't want anyone else to try it.

2. Who are your personal heroes?
Personal heros? I don't think I really have any. Maybe my sister on some level, she is always able to speak her mind without worrying about consequences, so I admire her for that. I don't really idolize anyone though.

3. What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Leaving home with all my belongings in a shopping cart with my mother chasing after me yelling: "You are behaving like thieves in the night, come back and talk to me". It was the craziest thing I'd ever done (as I was 14), but it was also the smartest.

4. What is your most annoying habit?
My friends would tell ya the way I eat french fries and the strange faces I make when I am interested in something.

5. What is your dirty little secret?
hmmm....this is hard....I guess I often love more than I've been loved and hate to admit it.