Thursday, August 25, 2005

Rambling Rough Rant, Ready?

  • Ok, what the hell is up with the rain lately? It has been raining everyday for like 3 weeks, or something ridiculous. If I didn’t know better, I would say that God was flooding the world again, except this time he’s doing it REAL SLOW so as to torture us more.
  • The shortest horror story ever was written by Frederic Brown in 1948 called Knock and it goes like this: “The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock at the door.”
  • I leave for the group bunny beach bash in 8 days and my nipples get hard just thinking about it.
  • People keep talking about Burger King's new brainstorm called Chicken Fries. Am I the only one who thinks this is lame?
  • I miss Europe...I want to be back over there. The other night Ebeth was talking about moving to London and I was like "Don't tease me, you know I want to be back over there" and she was like "who's teasing? I'm serious, we should all go move there" and I squirted a little bit in my pants.
  • I'm wearing my new shirt from Banana Republic and I actually like it. I don't have a picture to show you, so just use your imagination.
  • Are we supposed to use punctuation in bulleted lists? I wonder if I should end these little mini-sentances with periods, or not
  • Jen seems to think she made out with Darth Vader the other night. I'm not sure if she did, but now I've been having Princess Leia dreams like they are going out of style.
  • The original Voltron team could kick the crap out of their remake bullshit counterparts, the Power Rangers. OWNED!
  • Sometimes I wonder what some of the people in our little blog community look like naked. Then I wonder how many of them wonder that about me. Then I start thinking about online blog community group bunny parties. Then I have a soda.
  • I had a crush on one of my teachers in high school, and I'm pretty sure I could nail her now, since she's like 45 years old and her defenses are down.
  • I make fun of my mom for liking Patsy Cline, and I wonder if my kids will make fun of me for liking Aerosmith.
  • Pizzle mentioned GI Joe in his most recent post and now the theme song from the cartoon is stuck in my head. Thanks a lot, dick.
  • What happened to Dana Carvey?
  • I've never once said the wrong name in bed, and sometimes I wonder what it would be like to do so. Rodeo Sex sounds fun.
  • A Yuna and Lulu sex scene should have been included in FFX. It would have been famous.
  • I haven't done any work yet today. I don't feel bad about it.
  • Today's post is brought to you by the letter F
  • Sometimes I want to start rumors about the people I blog with. You know, something innocent and fun like "Psst! I heard BOBI and Nameless have a thing going. Pass it on..."
  • +10 nerd points if you know who Yuna and Lulu are.
  • If my nipples get licked this weekend, I promise I will tell you about it.
  • I've decided to start adding punctuation to these bulleted lists.
  • Hey, Pizzle. Remember Airwolf? Remember how the theme song went? Are you humming it now? Yeah...paybacks are bitch. Take that, you fucker!


l'il bear said...

It's been raining like a bitch up here too, the whole chicken finger/coc roc thing blows, and I can't wait to hear about your rock hard nipples on Monday.

Crystal said...


musie said...

I often wonder about dana carvey too...after that "diguise" movie he kinda vanished.
i knew Bobi and nameless have a thing.. did you hear that they were pulled over while he was giving her road head....he must have some tongue....pass it on..

Pizzle said...

Shan, you are such an ASS!

Now I have bullshit 80's-synth stuck in my head.

Heather said...

Yeah I heard that when Nameless and Bobi got pulled over.. the cop joined in.. must've been hot.

+10 nerd points btw LOL

Can I lick your nipples this weekend?

Pizzle said...

Yeah, but did you hear the one thing that happened?

I heard Bobi was a freak, but when Nameless gets weirded out, you KNOW you're a little fucked up...

Oh, and I got the nerd points too.

Jen said...

I got weird points.

Connie said...

Slipknot is suing BK for the chicken fries commercials. Apparently the ficticious band in the commercials, Coq Roq, is "bearing some similarities" to the likeness of the band. Go Slipknot!! DAMN THE MAN!

Here's a link to the article:

And I do NOT get nerd points. Who are Yuna and Lulu?

wildcat9two said...

Voltron kicked ass... but which one would win in a fight, the one with the 5 lions, or the one with the 3 teams of 5, air, land, and sea? I would say the 3 team one. Although I liked the lion one better, they were always getting their ass kicked.

Crystal said...

Dana Carvey was out of it for a long while because he had some sort of major heart problem. Had to have a few surgeries.

musie said...

btw, every time you all say shan, i think you are talking to me, cause its how everyone shortens my name (shannon of course)
sorry if i respond out of turn lol

Ms. Adventures said...

I think the chicken fries are lame too! And imagine what they have to do to that chicken to get it that way?! Very bad idea.

Banana Republic has great clothes, they're just expensive. BTW a photo of the man who gets more group bunny than anyone I've ever know, must post a picture, so that maybe we can see what all the hu-bub is about.

Bullets don't gramatically have to have periods.

I look fabulous naked, imo of course. What does the soda do? Calm you down?

LOL doing a teacher? Can we call you Villi?

I've said the wrong name in bed to my husband but covered it up by catching myself mid-word and bluring it in to "Oh god!" He took a double take at me and said what'd you say? I said," I said Oh God" He says,"oh I thought you said something else." Whoops!

I get 0 nerd points. no idea what you're talking about.

Shanshu said...

ashley: Villi? I don't get it.

btw: What name did you say? An old boyfriend? A celeb? Or did you just shout out "Shanshu" ?


Ms. Adventures said...

Villi Fillao (sp?) Mary Kay Letournea's now Husband.

I said the boyfriend's name I had when my husband and I were broken up for a few months.... I didn't know you then *wink*

l'il bear said...

How about I shout out your name Shanshu while wearing your Banana Rep. shirt, throwing chicken fries at you singing Slipknot.

Damn that Airwolf song.

Shanshu said...

ashley: if it ever happens again, you know the name to use. :)

holly: that sounded very aggressive. Do you need a nap? Or are you still frustrated about me sending you a tag? Is there still love here?


g_samsa said...

I never understoot the whole Voltron morph from lions to cars. Was that Voltron with the space ship and cars that came shooting out of it to make the big voltron robot? The Lions were way cooler. And, Yes, they kick the crap out of power rangers. How is this even being discusses?

I had a crush on my 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Edmunds. My grandpa had a crush on her too and even told her so. First and last time I ever wanted to kick my grandpa's ass.

How are those Bananna Republic cloths? My wife bought 1500 bucks worth of bannana Republic stuff when she started work and looks really good in them (wears size zero :-) ) but I never considered getting any cloths for myself.

I have no idea who Yuna and Lulu are.

Spinning Girl said...

nothing to add, but I was here.

post is über fabu.

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

Come on over. We have an extra bedroom.

Is it me, or is the font smaller on everybody's blog now?

Michaela said...

it's sad to know how many millions of dollars they've wasted on 'chicken fries'...

Rain? what the hell is up with the unbearable heat? Here in Nebraska, it's getting out of control. Blame it on the weathermen...just because you can.

Very nice blog.

Heather said...

Umm.. BR rocks. g_samsa.. you just might be my new best friend. Everything I own in my closet.. okay. 90% of what I own in my closet is BR.

babyjewels said...

Great list. And I am picturing you in the shirt. Nothing else, just the shirt. It's plaid!

Danius Maximus said...

the chicken fry is nothing compared to the awe inspiring unnatural power of the white castle chicken ring

Rowan said...

yeah, what is up with the rain? I thought it was just Canada maybe.
Never knew about Burger King's new Chicken Fries. Sounds weird.
Bet you look nice in your shirt.
The original Voltron team could kick the crap out of their remake bullshit counterparts, the Power Rangers. OWNED! AT LAST!!! Someone else said it, and someone didn't say - Who is Voltron? yikes.
I wonder the same thing, we're sick.
I make fun of my mom for liking Patsy Cline, and I wonder if my kids will make fun of me for liking Aerosmith, yes, yes they will! Unfortunately.
A Yuna and Lulu sex scene should have been included in FFX. It would have been famous. I'm right there with you. Course, more sex period would have been welcomed I feel...they are dumbing them down lately I find to appeal to younger audience & women. They will never top FFVII, Cloud is a sexy beast. So, I guess I get my 10 points now?(still a leisure suit larry diehard)
I haven't done any work yet today. I don't feel bad about neither.
Don't forget to tell all about nipple licking.

so, you working at work yet? Me neither.

Kay said...

wait, someone's played leisure suit larry? I've wanted to... but wasn't sure. it looks like a blast, but then I worry.. what if the graphics just aren't up to par and that kills the whole wonderfulness of the game....

Nameless said...

Jeez, you don't get online for awhile and see what happens?
Did I mention the cop was a good looking woman?
Pizzle, He wanted to use the tire iron in the trunk. I mean, C'mon!