Friday, August 05, 2005

Groovy Gravy! Another Hangover Post!

You know the drill. I am hungover, I am tired, and I am not creative or witty or interesting. So, you get a list of random thoughts and incoherent babble to skim over and comment on. Hopefully, you will get some enjoyment out of it. Enjoy.

  • My hangover drink today: Aquafina Flavor Splash (Wild Berry). It's very strange...kinda like Kool-Aid with WAY to much melted ice in it. I can't decide if I like it, or not.
  • 2:00am is not an acceptable bedtime for people with jobs in corporate servitude.
  • Matrix Revolutions was the worst sequel ever made. Seriously...what the fuck happened at the end? Can anybody explain it?
  • I hate meetings...they are pointless, annoying wastes of my time. They suck away an hour of my life, that I will never get back.
  • Buffy Summers should have never dated Riley Finn. The guy was a tool.
  • The alien chick from Total Recall with the 3 boobs was awesome. I was going to post a pic of her, but I couldn't make it work, for some reason.
  • Why do sunburns itch? That's really annoying.
  • Why are kittens and puppies so fucking cute?
  • Revenge of the Sith is a really bad video game. I mean, really.
  • Morgan Webb is hot for various reasons.
  • I don't think I could ever date a girl who wouldn't make out with another girl, at least once. That kind of close-mindedness must not be tolerated.
  • I'm planning on having Chinese food for lunch, today. Veggie only...with my Flavor Splash water drink.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo is seriously the longest bunny book I have ever bunny read in my entire bunny life.
  • Best Dumb Joke I know right now: What is ET short for? (answer at bottom)
  • Downy dryer sheets are the bomb.
  • Opium is just boring...people should just smoke weed, and cut out the bullshit.
  • Burger King has better french fries than McDonald's.
  • I'm not going to spell check this post, because I don't care.
  • Because he has little legs!


drunkbh said...

My vote for worst sequel would be Highlander 2-The Quickening. It completely went away from the original. The original Highlander was a bunning cult classic.

Shanshu said...

Ah, yes. Another very disappointing sequel indeed! Good call.

Crystal said...

I need help w/ the slang "bunny". I don't get it. :(

I was so fucking mad at the Matrix sequels. Felt like they were a major waste of my money.

Riley was a nice guy but he was soooo not cut out for Buffy. I liked it when he came back in season 6 though:
RILEY: I hear ya. Got some, uh ... big stories to tell you to. If we ever get half a second.
BUFFY: Did you die?
BUFFY: I'm gonna win.

Shanshu said...

See the post @#*&^@#$ I did last week. It should explain the whole "bunny" thing.


Crystal said...


Des said...

Ok, I was bored so I was scanning random blogs and came across this one. Holy crap! You have me laughing so hard I don't know whether I'm gonna cry or pee my pants! Hell, I might do both. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know you have a new reader/stalker. o_O

Shanshu said...

Des: thanks for stopping by! I'm glad my blog caused you some enjoyment. You are more than welcome to stalk me...soon you'll be saying things like "This stupid bunny guy at the store stepped on my bunny foot. SO not frosty!"

Danikabur said...

No shit... she should never have been with Riley.

Burger King does not have better fries although they do have poutine which is better than plain fries.

Oh and I wouldn't date a guy that wouldn't let me make out with a chick. :D

Shanshu said...

ah, dani. once again you prove to be awesome. Too bad I can't afford to fly you down to Oak Island! We'd have a bunny great time.

Spinning Girl said...

Good times.
I stopped drinking when I started being hungover every day. I think that might have been a subtle sign to cut the bunny stuff out, already.
See all 3 Matrix movies and agree #1 is the only one that makes sense. Bummer, they could have done really well with that trilogy (but we know there really is only ONE great trilogy, don't we, JRRT fans?). Ditto on Highlander.
Aren't you glad you can just post random BS and still get all these comments?
What else...oh, ONION RINGS at BK are awesome.
Try 4 AM. Though I am on vacation, so it doesn't matter.
Now will spend afternoon compiling list of platonic girlfriends I should try to kiss.

Shanshu said...

A list of girlfriends for you to

You post their names and descriptions here, if you want. I think there is enough room.

Nameless said...

How bout a girl that makes out with another girl and you at the same time? You need to think further then the one thing...Does she multitask well? etc, etc.
Fries...double MmMmMm. Although I like Wendy's fries better then BK or Mickey D's.

Shanshu said...

Well, the making out with both of us thing is a given, really. That's what the beach trip is all about...threesomes and group bunny.

Too bad you can't come.


Larry said...

Dude, both matrix sequels sucked. Good call on the women makin out with other women, I should definitely set my standard to yours. And yes, Morgan Webb is hot for various reasons.

EBethToThePowerOf? said...

Riley always looked like he wandered in from some other set.

For hangover therapy, try the Emergen-C powdered drink mix you get in the supplement section of the supermarket. It's kind of nasty, but restores all electrolytes, makes you feel better, and I have developed a taste for the lemon-lime.

I compiled a list of women I'd like to make out with, and they were all my guy friend's girlfriends/wives, etc. I think that's disturbing. Either that, or my guy friends have really good taste!

Remember "I told you, no threesomes unless it's guy-guy-girl. . .or Charlize Theron!"

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

Caddyshack 2 was a pretty crappy sequel, as well.

I disagree with your stance on french fries, but hey, I can look at tits while i eat *my* McDonald's fries. hehe

suzi said...

your blog is funny and insightful - well not like brilliant but all the same quite good. I wonder many of the same things - i also wonder why its mostly chicks commenting on your site. How did you find my blog??

.: raven :. said...

anyone who uses (and knows what it really mean) the word "servitude" is bad ass.

sunburns itch because you've dried out / burnt your skin. kind of like when you bake chicken. i think the chickens itch, too.

i've never made out with another girl. would you make out with another guy? cuz really .. if not that's a big ass double standard. :)

Rowan said...

Don't know bout the girl on girl action solely, I'm the kind of person who appreciates open mindedness in everyone. So, that means, I'll try ANYTHING once. So should men. Hated Riley in the show. He should have been one of Angel's customers instead, he looks the sort, dunno, too proper or something. I like McD's fries, but I like Burger Kings food in general better, I understood all 3 martix'?!? I loved them! What wasn't to understand? I guess you have to be a geek to fully appreciate the symbology....I'm a software engineer by education. I tend to think of life in a matrix like fashion.

Rowan said...

oh, and hope you are happily drunk/hungover with a gal (or 2) on your arm tonight. Nighty Nite!

Danius Maximus said...

that sounds a lot like what was running through my gourd at around midnight last night. Read all about it...and more!

Danius Maximus said...

And highlander two wasn't so bad...what about highlander 4?? I would much rather not watch that. At least 2 had Connery

B.O.B.I. said...

::sighs wistfully and imagines kissing period::

Oh, yeah, nomination for sequal shits: Beethoven's 3rd. How horrible was that? I dunno, I didn't watch it, but I know somebody made it, the greedy fucker.

Anonymous said...

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* said...

Another godawful sequel: Robocop 2.

Lovin' the site and adding you to my blogroll as I type this!

Crystal said...

Grease 2 sucked ass

Tydes Perdition said...

I get so choked everytime Total Recall is played on TV because every single fucking time, they edit out the part with the three-boobed chick. That's the best part of the movie.