Wednesday, August 24, 2005

7 Things

So, I got tagged by Dirty Blonde to do this little quiz thingy. I usually like this kind of thing, but today I really like it, because I had no idea what I was going to post about today. This pretty much saved my butt, and saved the rest of you reading some dribble about Transformers being the superior cartoon heros of our generation. Enjoy.

Seven things I...

Plan to do before I die:
1- Go back to Europe and see the stuff I missed the first time
2- Swim with the dolphins
3- Drink a bottle of Dom Perignon
4- Get married/have kids
5- Own a house
6- Write a novel
7- Work a job I enjoy

Things I can do:
1- Speak Spanish
2- Get a checkmate in 4 moves
3- Use chopsticks
4- Have a photographic memory when it comes to movies and TV shows.
5- A Liberty
6- Safely use nunchakus
7- Play the violin

Things I can't do:
1- Listen to someone fold paper
2- Speak German
3- Calculate the square root of 374 in my head
4- Ride a motorcycle
5- Respect somebody who doesn't respect me
6- Grow taller
7- Forget the Alamo

Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1- Breasts
2- Intelligence
3- Humor
4- Social and outgoing
5- Breasts
6- Long hair
7- Breasts

Things I say most:
1- "Dude, whatever"
2- "Groovy"
3- "Fuck off/fuck yourself"
4- "That is ri-fucking-diculous"
5- "Bloddy Hell"
6- "Gobbles"
7- "Group bunny"

Celebrity crushes:
1- Mira Sorvino
2- Morgan Webb
3- Sarah Michelle Gellar
4- Alyssa Milano
5- Michelle Pfeiffer
6- Jennifer Love Hewitt
7- Salma Hayek

People I want to take this quiz:
6-Kiss Kay


Spinning Girl said...

Things I can do:
1- Speak Spanish
2- Get a checkmate in 4 moves
3- Use chopsticks
4- Have a photographic memory when it comes to movies and TV shows.
5- A Liberty
6- Safely use nunchakus
7- Play the violin

I think I might love you now.

Shanshu said...


For which part, do I deserve your love?

Ms. Adventures said...

hmm. You can do a Liberty? Are you a cheerleader? That skill could definitely prove useful in everyday life.....

Do you like butt? I haven't noticed you say much about it, while breasts are always atop the list.

Rowan said...

Hola Senor!

hey thanks for the tag (I rarely get asked to do them, I just steal 'em).

What is a liberty?

Hey, I play the violin (not to be confused with the fiddle) as well.

I thought group bunny would have made it to the top of the most said phrases!

If I was a lesbian, I'd agree with your list so much, except I'd add angelina Jolie, I'd go gay for her.

Yeah, I'd like to work at a job I enjoy too! That'd be sublime.

Shanshu said...

ashley: I like the butt, just fine. But my true passion lies with the breasts.

rowan: There is a link on the word Liberty that shows a picture of what it is. It's a cheer move, where the guy holds the girl above his head.

Connie said...

Are you sure you aren't the one on top in the Liberty?

drunkbh said...

Are you sure you want to swim with the dolphins? Did you know that they are the only animal that has sex for pleasure? Thought you might want to know that before you get in there with them.

Shanshu said...

I did NOT know that, actually. The last thing I need is some water mammal trying to nail me. I get enough of that crap at the bar...I don't need it in the ocean, too.

Crystal said...

that's not true. several species in the ape category have sex for pleasure. it's even been documented that they have gay sex.

i updated my post to include the tag.

Crystal said...

see i just don't get the angelina thing. i've heard a lot of women say that and most men think she's the sexiest woman alive. her lips are just too huge for me and i just can't get past her freaky personality.

Shanshu said...

I would not kick her out of bed for eating cookies.

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

Thank god it was breasts, *then* intelligence. I didn't want to have to bone up on my algebra when I got these babies.

Hehehehe. I said bone.

I was also tagged, but I forgot two of the things. I suck.

Me likey Mira.

Shanshu said...

Just for the record, none of my answers were in any particular ORDER.

Except the breasts...those always come first.

Spinning Girl said...

CP is right; see bonobos

Rowan said...

oh, and see my blog for interview answers.

HOLY SHIT! That liberty thing looks dangerous, but I bet you liked looking up her skirt, admit it! c'mon! (what was it, Saving Silverman that he did that sort of thing?) Were you anything like him?

l'il bear said...

Uh huh.

Great. I'm tagged. I'll do it for you Shanshu - just for you and no one else. You little group bunny lover you.

g_samsa said...

I think Salma Hayek is possibly the world hottest woman. See her in Dogma? Wow! she did that movie Frida also where she tried really hard to look unattractive and for a while it worked but she just tried to hard. Natural beauty always comes out. Anyway,

I speak spanish and a little German. Spanish is way more useful in Texas but not sure about MN.

Breasts are always a good thing in a woman. Listing them three times in no understatement.

Crystal said...

oh and I also meant to say:

"Transformers being the superior cartoon heros of our generation"

you obviously never discovered Jem & The Holograms

Shanshu said...

I never did discover Jem and the Holograms, but I DID take one of those quizzes and found out that I slutty one. I can't think of her name.

Rowan said...


Shanshu said...

No....that's not it.

Crystal said...

it must've been Roxy then.

Pizzle said...

Shan: I'll do this soon...probably tonight...don't give up on me. :)

Shanshu said...

crystal: Roxy...Roxy...maybe. Name the other ones.

pizzle: no sweat, yo.

Crystal said...

Well, it had to have been one of The Misfits because they were the "bad" girls. Besides Pizazz & Roxy there was Stormer (who was not slutty so we can cross that name off) and Jetta. Clash was a Misfit wannabe. To me though, Pizazz was the worst. If I were gonna pick one as a slut - she'd be it. And.......why the hell am I going on and on about this? No one except me cares.

Shanshu said...

Ok, it was driving me MAD so I went and looked it up. I was KIMBER.


Ok, I'm much better now. I don't know if Kimber was a slut or not, because I never watched this show. That's just what I was told.

Anyway, that's the answer. Now we can move on with our lives.

Crystal said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Crystal said...

ACK!!!!!!! *gasp*
Kimber was SOOO not a slut! She was the youngest, most naive of the "good" side!

Now we can move on with our lives! Phft!! I don't rightly see how I can now.

ps i hate that you can't edit your posts on blogger :(