Monday, March 19, 2007


I started this rant on Ookami's site and I decided to keep it going over here.

I love Chipotle. It's one of my favorite places to go, to get fast food. Those burritos are little wrapped bundles of orgasm with a side of sauce that gives me a happy with every bite. The store, the atmosphere, the speed with which they create my food...all of it is muy bueno and deserves our respect.

If you haven't had a Chipotle burrito, slap yourself on the hand for being out of touch with the world around you, and be sure to swing by your local Chipotle store sometime in the near future to experience the joygasm.

Ok, I'm done with my propaganda. Now let's get to the heart of the matter.

Some people can't pronounce "Chipotle". Since I speak Spanish and have been to both Mexico and Spain, I can safely say that I understand the language and know how to pronounce certain words. I also understand that not everybody speaks I try not to judge too harshly.


When I explain to a person the correct way to pronounce a word, and they tell me I'm makes me want to rip their spine out, through their stupid mouth. I effing hate being told I'm wrong, when I know 100% in my heart that I am correct.

Now, everybody THINKS they're right, all the time. We hate to be proven wrong, and I understand that. But dude, seriously....the correct way to pronounce "Adios" is NOT "Aaae DEE os" like some people think. People misuse foreign words way too often*, for my taste. It bugs me, because it just boils down to a lack of knowledge and a lazy attitude.

*Oh, and just so we're clear on something: "queso cheese" is not some special Mexican cheese. It's just cheese. If you say "queso cheese" you're saying "cheese cheese". It's as retarded as saying "ATM machine" or "RSVP Please". It's annoying when you do it, so...stop it.

Anyway. I know some people who pronounce "Chipotle" as "chee POLL TEE" because they are morons. They reverse the "t" and the "l" and create their own new word and it makes my butt itch every time I hear it.

It's pronounced "chee-POHT-leh", people. Sound out the letters and use your phonics properly. Chee poht leh. Say it out loud: chee poht leh.


You want proof that I'm correct? Fine. Here's your proof:

Proof #1

Proof #2

There. Now you have proof. So the next time you hear somebody say the word "Chipotle" wrong, you can point them here and tell them to get with the knowledge and stop saying words wrong.


Thus endeth the lesson.
I had sent a comment to Chipotle asking them to tell me if I was correct in my pronunciation of the word "Chipotle". Here is what I wrote to them:

Dear Chipotle,
I have a question, and I can't seem to find the answer in the FAQ so maybe you can help me. My question is one of pronunciation. I have always pronounced Chipotle as "chee-poht-leh" because that is how it would be pronounced in Mexico, and I didn't take all those years of high school Spanish for nothing! I know some people who pronounce the word "chee-poll-tee" because they are insane, apparantly. Will you please tell me I'm right, and they are WRONG so I can brag to them, and feel all superior?

And if you believe it, they actually replied:

You are correct. American English speakers have difficulty with the "TL" sound, and they always switch it in our name, incorrectly, to "LT".
Joe Stupp
Manager, Duct Tape and Plungers

So...HA! Proof #3, and the best one, yet. Nobody is allowed to say Chipotle wrong to me, from now on! Woot!


MsLittlePea said...

Ok. I don't speak Spanish but any idiot should be able to look at that word and pronounce it correctly. I do speak French and married a Frenchman so I can say with authority that everyone pronounces Brett Favre's name the wrong way. Even Brett Favre. They say it with the r and v switched when, in correct French, it's pronounced Fav-ruh. This doesn't get on my nerves as much as Chipotle pronounced wrong does for you but still, I thought I should put that out there....


Shanshu said...

OMG I totally know what you're talking about. The first time I saw Brett Favre play football, I remember the announcers talking about how to pronounce his name.

When I started hearing it pronounced "Far-ve" I was like..."Um...that doesn't seem right to me. The letters are backwards." But then everybody started calling him that, so it stuck.

Annoying. You feel my pain. You know what's up.


Arlene said...

I already knew how to say it, 'cause I'm not a flaming 'tard! But it was fun sounding it out at my desk anyway, because there's not one fiber in my being that wants to work right now! In my defense, I am still sick! And mmmmm, I may have me some Chipotle for lunch now :-)

Crabby said...

WOOT! I've been saying it correctly. Which means...I just won a bet. And lemme just say...their fajita burrito....yum to my tum!

Crabby said...

PS. These word verification letters hate me.

Oh screw me! Now I gotta do it again.

crabby leans in reeeeal close...ooooo K.......z um.....m? er...maybe n.....

Think Frustrated said...

I speak some Spanish, too. I hate HOLE-ah for hola. Or, Como est-ASS for como estas. Lovely. I really love Chipotle. However the litte Mexican place by my house rocks harder, and their burritos are prepared by authentic sweaty Mexicans, who know how to roll a burrito so it doesn't fall apart. Ever. Yum!

Shanshu said...

Arlene: good job, on knowing how to say Chipotle properly! I would give you a kewpie doll...if I had one, or knew what it looked like.

crabby: lol sorry the word verify hates you. sometimes it hates me, too so I just hate it back.

frustrated: I agree completely. Bad spanish is enough to make me want to punch babies.

Callie said...

See, I come from California, where half the population is Spanish, and if you pronounce one of their words wrong, they beat the crap out of you. Or make fun of you in Spanish. Either way, you learn very quickly.

That, and I married a Mexican - so hey. Even though he can only order a meal and a beer in Spanish.

What was my original thought line? Oh, yeah. Chipotle isn't bad. Much prefer Adalberto's where I used to live. The whole sweaty Mexican place. And the food was so flipping yummy. And they liked to look at my legs.


Jen said...

I love that you threw in the cheese cheese and RSVP please and ATM machine. Drives me nuts! I kind of like it when people mispronounce Chipotle, though. It makes me feel superior, and I like to feel superior.

P.S. How much do you think the Plunger and Duct Tape manager gets paid?

burrito eater said...

haha - here's the craziest thing - the sign on the door that goes from the bathroom back into the restaurant at the chipotle on 919 pearl street in boulder has the letters l and t reversed:

chipolte sign at 919 pearl street chipotle

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of how my hubby always says "hamburger beef" , it's annoying.

Shanshu said...

callie: I also love Mexican places like the one you describe. I love to go to a place where they barely speak English...that's when you know the food is going to be friggin rad.

jen: Plungers and Duct Tape managers make a KILLING. You'd be surprised.

burrito eater: Oh. My. GOD. I can't believe that sign exists in the world! That unravels my universe. I'm going to say that it was a wayward employee who had a gripe with management, or who was illiterate, or something! lol hilarious

anonymous: "hambuger beef" would drive me up the wall, I'm sure.

burrito eater said...

Well, the "good" news is that they've edited the sign:

the sign just says "chipo te"

The sign was put in place by the building management folks because it leads to a back hallway where all of the bathrooms are located. So, none of the chipotle employees are's just a funny thing.

DaMasta said...

Ha! That's hilarious, Shan! I always want to correct ppl when they say that shit wrong.. and we're in Houston(!), ppl here should KNOW better!

However, my local Chipotle pissed me off one day when I was half way thru with my burrito I notice the rice wasn't cooked all the way... ya know that annoying crunchy rice? BLEH. And I went up to the counter and told them, "um, your rice isn't done all the way" and they said, "yah"...


Shanshu said...

So...did they give you a free burrito?

Penny said...

This is a pet peeve of mine, too.

But it's with french words... such as "foyer". When I hear people (mostly Americans, but this isn't meant as a dig to my friends down south) say "foy-ER" I just cringe. It's pronounced "foy-eh" (how appropriately French Canadian).

Oh, and "suite" isn't pronounced "soot" or "suit", it's "sweet". I have a friend from Georgia who came up here and was bragging about her new bedroom suit. We thought she was talking about lingerie until she mentioned she got it in "kingsize".

Valerie said...

My pet peeve is quesadilla being pronounced as KAY-SA-DILL-A (as opposed to KAY-SA-DEE-YA). One of my college roommates did that, and wouldn't pronounce it correctly no matter how many times I told her the right way. On top of that, she ALWAYS ordered quesadillas if they were on a menu. Groan.....

DaMasta said...

no. :(

Ookami Snow said...

I agree, it annoys me to no end when someone pronounces Chipotle wrong.

On the other had I get very annoyed when people pronounce crepe and croissant like they are in France...

So well I guess I am a bit hypocritical...

Anonymous said...

First of all "Chipotle" is not a Spanish word. Secondly, in the proper English pronunciation the last two syllables rhyme with "bottle". TS if you don't like the facts.

Anonymous said...

My brother in law just laughed at me for saying ChipotLe instead of chipolte, it was so annoying, which is how we found this post, him trying to prove me wrong. When I worked at a pizza place once annoying one was jalepeƱo- they would say juh-lop-N-o. Ummmm, yeah. This was in AZ where everything is in Spanish so people should know! :)
And to the above user, chipotle isn't English, chipotles are relatively new in the US but it is of Mexican origination so the Spanish pronunciation would be correct. But by all means please say chipottle

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about bas-lam-ic vinegar? Skin crawling yet?

Rajir Lan'gassi said...

I just corrected someone on this here in New Zealand. Had a small rage when I heard it.. I kept rereading the chipoTLe sauce in my fridge, wondering what in the fuck I was missing!! Which turned out to be sweet fuck all. Thank you informed blogger in the US.

Terry Lunsford said...

My wife always pronounces Chipotle as if it were the Chicken restaurant. Chip-o-lay.