Sunday, February 05, 2006

Drunk Post!

Hello! WElcome to SHanshus drunk post. I'm not goin gto edit this post, or spell check, or even re-tupe things I mess up spelling because I'm not sober. I'm going to give you Shanshu uncensored...not that I ever censor myself, but nonethelss I'm going to give you waht you want.

Not that you wanted a drunk post. But you have no choice. YOu're reading this anyway so I win.

So...hi. How are you? I hope you're doing well. It's really hard to type when you're drunk, I've noticed. I keep going back and re-reading studff and realize that wow I need to use spellcheck. My fingers feel too fat for this lame keyboard.

It really is small. It's the keyboard Dell sent me, and it's lame. It sucks beyond word.s Small keys and small everything. I feel like Andre the giant trying to do needlepoint. It's bad. Like...Arnold Schwartzeneggereeresr playing a dramatic role bad. I need a new one. Thankfully, my birthdya is coming up in a few days so maybe I'll get lucky and get a new one.


I like pretzles.

I got a haircut today and I look really sexy. Jen said so, so it must be true. Too bad there are no girls over here tonight because it's a group-bunny type of situation, waiting to happen.

Group bunny is fun. That's a euoophanism for sex. With other people. In the same room. SEx is cool.

I miss Hulk Hogan. Why isn't he wrestling anymore? I remember the days when he wrestled the Iron Sheik and whipped his ass for all the trailers and young kids to see. That was back when the USA hated all the people with non-Christian views. Of couse, things haven't changed much but at least now we don't come out openly and say it.

Politics sucks. Religious persecution sucks. Oprah sucks. Pizzle watches Oprah...but he doesn't suck. I think he does it to get chicks. Chicks like Drunk Girl or HMH. I might see HMH next year when I travel to Europe again. I miss Europe. It's pretty there, even though the sun NEVER comes out.


Ok I'm going ot go do something elshe now. I hope you're all doing well and I hope you enjoyed my drunk post. Just be glad you're not an ex-girlfriend, because I would probably be drunk-dialing you right now, if you were.

Hugs and kisses,


Pizzle said...


drunkbh said...

This is toooooooooo funny. I must give you props. I posted drunk once. I posted 2 lines and misspelled 5 words. You need to do this more often.

Pizzle said...

I'm in agreement...I keep reading this over and over...too funny.

Kay said...

Wow. This was beautiful. Definately needs to make your favorite posts list.