Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Post-Halloween Post

  • Good news: My pirate costume came out great, and I was very happy with the results. I even got to wear a sash, which is the first time I've ever done that. Very exciting. Bad news: There were 8 other people dressed as pirates at the party I attended, so my costume was barely noticed.
  • Good news: There were at least 3 girls at the party wearing corsets and showing cleavage. Better news: I got the chance to "drum" on 6 different boobies at the party. Bad news: I didn't sleep with any of them because I passed out.
  • Best costume at the party: Pizzle going as Hot Shit.
  • Sexiest costume at the party: Jen going as a slutty pirate. Argh!
  • Coolest costume at the party: Some guy came dressed as Spike and he looked great, complete with a nice British accent. Woot.
  • Something learned: Tying a corset is a difficult thing to do. It's especially difficult when said corset is applied upside down.
  • Random sexy moment: At one point, a girl I had just met asked me to spank her. I'm assuming she was kidding, but since I was a pirate and had drank my fair share of rum, I took her up on the offer and gave her a nice, hard slap to the ass. She yelped and then made a sound that reminded me of how girls sound as they eat chocolate ice cream and I knew that she liked it.
  • The host of the party had forgotten about the costume contest, and so he just started giving out prizes to the people he liked the most. I won a smoking baby, which is now sitting proudly on my desk.
  • I just figured out that the smoking baby actually smokes, and now I'm pissed that I brought him to the office, where I can't light him up. Maybe I'll take him back home.
  • At one point, I found Pizzle sitting on the hood of a car, staring out into the distance. I asked him what was wrong with him, and the most I got out of him was the following sentance: Nothing. Stomach. Drinking. Not Bad. Rest.
  • How I interpreted this sentance: Oh, nothing is wrong with me, Shanshu. I just have a bit of a stomach ache at the moment, probably caused by the excess drinking. It's not too bad, and I think that I'll be ok as long as I can rest for a bit.
  • Number of girls who made out at the party: 4
  • Number of times guys tried to hit on my friend Christine: 2
  • Number of guys that struck out with my friend Christine: 2
  • Different types of candy eaten this weekend for Halloween: Almond Joy, Reeses, 3 Musketeers, Kit-Kat, Hershey's
  • Different types of alcohol consumed for Halloween: Wine, beer, rum, mead
  • Amount of fun had: A plethora of fun.

Happy Tuesday!

Random Tuesday Funny: This shit had me laughing so hard, I think I broke something.


Ms. Adventures said...

ewww! I'm first! Sounds like a good time to be had by all! Glad your costume worked out!

I like the new template, it's been a while since I was around this place.... nice.

Spinning Girl said...
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Kay said...

Was there any significance to the 2 guys hitting on and striking out with your friend Christine? Cuz that's sticking out for me and I don't know why. Could be the drugs...
Sounds like a great party. How come I never do shit like that?
And what did the corset look like that you couldn't tell it was upside down? I mean... It should have boob holders right? And if they're not there.. It's upside down.. maybe?

Spinning Girl said...

I loved your post, it sounds like you had a great weekend. more importantly, that link made me laugh so hard I now have tears pouring out of my face. Oh my god. Mind if I post it too? No? Great.

Crystal said...

I felt bad for the guy.

Post was very funny. Did you take a picture of Spike? That would have been awesome. I still think you should show us you in your costume!

Shanshu said...

wonder woman: welcome back!! glad you could stop by.

kay: Um...no significance...just funny to me. I like watching people strike out with my friends, for some reason. I'm mean, I guess.

spinning girl: post away, child. Post away.

crystal: I did not get a picture of spike because I didn't bring my camera to the party. That would have been great, though. Maybe somebody else took pictures that I can borrow...

Rowan said...

yeah, where are pics of you????
Damn, Awww, Shan!?! You KNOW I love all things Spikey!

I will post pictures soon to my blog, when I get home.

Man, that guy sounds like a muppet, no wonder he couldn't stop laughing.

Bad Touch said...

Kay: The style of corset was a straight top corset, not a bustier. Similar to this: http://www.mapledrive.com/products/MKX8997.htm

Shan just happened to come down with a case of the dumb, and failed to recognize the boob end of the garment. Apparently, I needed to start sewing in "This end up" arrows onto the inside of these terribly complicated pieces of sexy.

Shan: You pussed out early, and missed out because of it. 10 minnutes after you left my plank was getting walked by 2 buxom pirate wenches! And by walked I mean sucked and by plank I mean....well you can see where this is going.

Your costume kicked ass. Your rum flask kicked 2 asses!! And whoever thought up giving away a smoking baby as a prize is a genious, and should have his plank walked!!



Shanshu said...

badtouch: I left at 3:00am and that is considered to be "pussing out", is it?


Congrats on the pirate group plank walking...although the 2nd wench leaves me a bit confused as to the identity. I will have to think about that one.

Ahoy. Argh. Navy SEALs!!

Pizzle said...

I just figured out who Bad Touch is. Thought he sounded familiar...

Bad Touch...how come no love on MY blog? Ass...