Friday, November 18, 2005

Gay Photo and Sexy, and Harry Potter

Ok, so this is the funniest thing ever. Are you ready for this? I hope so, because even if you're not ready for this, I'm going to bring it. Yeah, that's right: I'm bringing it. Prepare for the funny.

So, Pizzle's post about how StatCounter will show you a feature called "Came From" in which you have the chance to see how people came to view your site. Like Pizzle, most of my hits come from people and blogs that I know, but I do get the occasional random search string result that leads to my site.

Today I found the Holy Grail of all "came from" results for my blog. No search will ever be as funny, or yield the same results. The search result for which I speak is brought to you by MSN. Somebody out in the world decided they needed to search for the following:

gay photo and movie with sexy on the screen

I was the third hit on the page.

The third freaking hit about gay porn and sexy gave up my blog site as a potential match!!! Holy fucking funny, Batman! I laughed outloud and looked around the office for somebody to share the joy with. Then I remembered that I don't talk to anybody in the office unless it's work related because I hate this place. Then I stared at the search results a second time and laughed again.

Ah, to be famous. I only hope that when my new career of being sexy on the screen with gay photos blossoms into a very profitable and relaxing career, that I will find the time to continue to blog with you awesome people.

I think every now and then, I'm going to start spitting out some completely random shit, in the hopes that it will end up being something that somebody will search for, and I'll get more hits to my little blog world o' Shanshu here. Let's try it:

My guppy has died.
Girls with huge tits who love beans.
How do I fix my liver?
All anal apple puckers! Live! Free!
The grass has turned yellow.
My soul is dead.
The house is mean to me.
I fear pens.

We'll see if any of these yield me some results. I bet at least one of them will.

As many of you know, tonight marks the opening night for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I'm sure that many of you are anxiously awaiting the time that you can go see it. I too will be seeing this movie tonight, on Opening Night. I've never liked opening night to see movies...always so crowded and noisy and full of people and chaotic and insane...ugh. No thank you. I usually wait until the Monday after, when it is calmed down and back to normal. But the girls want to go see it Shanshu is going to see it tonight. Blech.

I've discovered that most girls that I know prefer to go to movies on Opening Night...while many of the guys that I know, prefer the calmer times to go see the movie, as I do. I wonder if this is a universal guy thing? Or just a strange cooincidence? Let me know in the comments section...I'm very curious.

Anyway, Happy Friday and remember that a wise man is only as wise as the words he says which are not dumb.

PS: I was going to post a story about group bunny and fingercuffs, but I've been laughing too much to feel sexy enough to do such a thing. So I'll just let you imagine whatever you can. Toodles.

PPS: Is it lame to use "PPS" for a second PS? After all, PS stands for Post Script and so technically, if you have multiple post scripts, there should only be PS because it's still just a post script. But then again, maybe using Post POST Script shows that you're writing something post (after) the original post script. If that's the case, then using PPS is acceptable. Right? Crap I lost my train of thought. I'd better go catch the bus.


Rowan said...

I generally use PPS....right or wrong, it works..

I have finger cuffs, what in the heck were you doing with yours!?! daughter is going to see it, I'm not invited...let me know if it rocks?

If I go to the movies, I go to whatever...but when movies were cheaper, I'd go opening night...sure! I think it has to do with a woman's impatience type thing - men are more patient, wouldn't you say?

I've never gotten my statcounter to actually display anything about the "came from" feature...maybe no one has ever "came from" anywhere? dunno.

Yeah, those should yeild some choice results.

Bad Touch said...

Finger cuffs, or Chinese finger cuffs? Either way it sounds interesting, I would just be a bit more jealous of one over the other.


Kay said...

What the hell are finger cuffs?

PS: I go opening weekend (I do nothing Friday night. After work, I go home, maybe watch some TV, and sleep.)

PPS: I have to get a stat counter.

PPPS: 3 P's is too many, 2 is ok.

PPPPS: My word verification is tagfogg. And 4 P's is still too many.

Heather said...

Who is Harry Potter? No just kidding, I dont live under a rock. But having said that.. I havent read a single book or watched any of the movies so I have no idea what they are about..

and about the post eating comment/question.. I posted a comment about some W words and then when I went back.. it was gone. GONE!

word verf: zszjfeet

Shanshu said...

kay: "fingercuffs" is a term from Chasing Amy. It refers to a threesome with a girl and 2 guys. I tried to tell you about this the other night, but I guess you forgot. For shame.

heather: I did not delete your comment...I'm not sure why that happened. Weird.

rowan: you should go see HP without your daughter, so you don't have to wait.

Pizzle said...

Sounding off:

I go to see movies to see them in the theater, in all their grand spectacle. I couldn't give two shits how many people are in there. However, if there are a ton of people, you increase the chances that stupid high school boys are going to be there to make stupid noises and comments through the WHOLE FUCKING THING.

Therefore, I always see a movie on an off night. That, and we have a movie theater that serves booze, has drink specials, and requires you to be 18 or older to stay after 6pm.


Word veri: uuthi

Kay said...

I see. I watched Chasing Amy a couple weeks ago... I see.
Then what're chinese fingercuffs? I'm so damn lost.

Shanshu said...

kay: Chinese fingercuffs are toys.

Check out this link for further info:

Danikabur said...

I usually prefer to not go on opening night. I'll be seeing Harry Potter on Monday and not tonight. :)

insanityinsk said...

I agree with ya...seeing a movie on opening night...not sooo goood....too many noisey peole for me...i prefer when its just me.. my date and a few other people in the entire place....then at least if the movie sucks then you can come up with a few other fun things to do in the dark

Spinning Girl said...

Funny thing... I hear pens sometimes, and when I googled that to do some research, guess where I ended up? I feel so much better.

B.O.B.I. said...

Hahahaha, you totally referenced "Chasing Amy" there, and that gives you +20 Awesome Points. Spend them as you will.

I'd recommend dumping them all into "Awesome Skagility" but you might have that maxed out.

Don't tell me about HP4! I've been too busy to go and I'm still trying to figure out when I'll have the time to see it!

Heather said...

Hey.. by the way. I'm blogging again. Its an addiction.

Crystal said...

I like to go opening weekend. Hubby likes to wait a few weeks.

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

I demand the fingercuffs story! Demand it, I say!

Bad Touch said...

Actually, the finger cuffs reffered to in Chassing Amy, are Chinese fingercuffs. The analogy would make no sense if it was a pair of regular finger cuffs. The quote is a long one, but it ends like this:

"...So Rick’s the one that came up with the nickname cuz that day, she had us locked in tight from both sides like a pair of goddamn Chinese finger cuffs!"


The Humanaught said...

Hey... you're #1 in the search now.