Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm Flabbergasted About My Indifference

I've been starting at this screen for a few minutes now, lost in the randomness of my thoughts in a desperate search for something interesting to write about. So far, nothing has come to mind and I have been reduced to writing this inner-monologue type paragraph that has nothing to do with anything, other than the fact that I don’t have anything intelligent or witty to say, whatsoever. I do not believe I could be funny today, even if I tried to be. No joke or glib witticism could possibly overpower the apathetic feelings that are brewing within the confines of my boredom. I could give you some type of funny list, or humorous anecdote…but honestly, I wouldn’t be into the writing of it, and it would just come out crappy and forced and lame.

Instead, I’ve decided to appeal to the visual side of my readers in order to help stimulate positive feelings that may possibly lead to phrases such as “great post” or “that was good” in the comments section. If not, that’s acceptable as well.

Here’s a cute photo.

Here’s a sexy photo.

Here’s a scary photo.

Here’s a sad photo.

Here’s a boring photo.

Here’s a funny photo.

Here’s a high school photo (thanks Elizabeth)

Here’s a fast photo.

Here's a slow photo.

Here’s a photo.

Happy Wednesday, everybody. Be sure to tell somebody you love them, treat yourself well, and always rub counter-clockwise.


Bad Touch said...

Great Post

That was good

Why are you not writing about SWBFII?!?

I still jealous.

Shanshu said...



Because I don't want to sound dorkier than I already am.

I know you are. You should be.

Spinning Girl said...

Your "boring photo" made my heart leap. I wish that were my back yard.

musie said...

I am officially stimulated ^^

Pizzle said...

Dude...not to reek of gay, but that cat in the first pic is the most adorable thing ever!

Ugh. Give me somethin' to piss on so I can mark some territory or something...

drunkbh said...

I thought the boring photo was going to be something good. You're right. It was boring and for some reason that made me laugh.

Shanshu said...

pizzle: seriously, that cat is uber cute. Reminds me of Puss in Boots.

drunk: it made ME laugh to read about YOU laughing. So that means the boring pic is also the most funny.

Crystal said...

I liked the boring pic too. Very pretty. Nothing cuter than kittens and puppy dogs.

Rowan said...

That a picture of you from EBeth?

Nice idea, and you said you werne't creative today....sheesh!

Anamika Anyone said...

Boring pic...OK,it was boring but kinda breathtaking...But the cute pic gets the prize!