Monday, November 28, 2005

Ok, ok I'm sorry

Ok, I know that my posting lately has been uber lame and has caused some of you to seriously consider breaking into my house and forcing me to post something that helps keep you entertained. My only defense is that I have been sick, I had to work on Friday, and today was pretty busy getting ready for the December billing month rush.

While I had a few ideas for witty posts and interesting thoughts, it occured to me that I just do not have the time to be creative enough to do them credit, nor do I have the time to complete said masterpieces. Instead, I thought I would just let you know that I have not forgotten any of you...I still love you all.

Look for me, by sunrise on the third day. Look to the East. I shall return.

Oh, and just so you know: there was no Thanksgiving group bunny, although at one point something happened that came dangerously close to being the coolest thing I've ever encountered in my 27 years of life on this planet. I would give you more details, but I think my server is about to crash and I don't want to be cut off bef


Pizzle said...


I can't believe work is overwhelming your blog. Good thing you'll have home-access to the ole blog soon.

Oh, and I assume that was a LOTR quote...

Gandalf: Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east.

I wouldn't have remembered the specifics if I hadn't just watched that a couple of weeks ago.

Feel better.

Spinning Girl said...

Aaaaah! LOTR reference and instantly I love you! Ride me Shanshu, and show me the meaning of haste.

Spinning Girl said...

I meant to say, Ride, Shadowfax.

Shanshu said...

Suuuuure you did. You meant the horse! Of course.

*grabs whip and saddle*

Let's ride!!

Kay said...

So, uh, we're gonna get the details on this thing that came dangerously close to being the coolest thing you've ever encountered in your 27 years of life on this planet, right?

Shanshu said...

I think I might keep that a secret for now, and see if I can't get more people to beg me to hear more.


Kay said...

Damn. What if I just beg enough for everyone else?