Monday, November 14, 2005

Busy, Like Bee.

In case any of you are wondering why I haven't posted for a few days, I'm writing to let you know what I'm not dead, maimed, injured, bleeding, sick, lonely, depressed, bored, tired, sexually frustrated, hungry, insane, easy, cheap, dirty, smelly, stiff, complicated, angry, or limp.

I am simply busy.

Hopefully tomorrow, I can create a normal post for your reading pleasure. For today, you're simply left wondering what my left testy looks like.

Happy Monday, and remember to always look both ways before you steal something.


Kay said...

the before you steal something part got me laughing. So didn't expect that.

We'd better get a group bunny filled tale after a wait this long.

Spinning Girl said...

I hope it looks like your righty, which is posted all over the internet at

Crystal said...

Bee Like.

Hope you'll be back soon.

Rowan said...

do you really have a missing teste?

Rowan said...

nevermind I misread that.

Shanshu said...

No, both of my testes are intact and going strong. Why, just this past weekend they were examined by at least 2 mouths. Maybe more, I don't remember.

Pizzle said...

What was his name?

Bad Touch said...

2 mouths and one finger.


Who wants some chowda?!