Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I bet some of you thought I forgot about this, didn't you? I bet some of you were thinking, "Shanshu hasn't posted in a few days...I wonder if he's going to slack off and stop doing OSW?" Well, fear not my gentle readers! I am here, and I have not abandoned you. Today is Office Supply Wednesday, and it's time to see who's got what it takes to be a true Shanshuee (a new word courtesy of Crystal). Will you rise to the challenge, or disengage? We shall see.

Since some people require some clarification on OSW, let's go ahead and do that now. Office Supply Wednesday is a chance for you to show us things that relate to the office, or the idea of the office. These can be items like Post-Its, pencils, pens, paper-clips, staplers...anything that you might find at an office, or an office environment. Anything remotely related to desks, offices, office supplies, cubicles, jobs, or the work environment in general will be acceptable.

They can be from your desk, or somebody else's. They can be something that you set on your desk. You can make fun shapes and structures with your office supplies, if you'd like. You can just take a picture of your desk at home, or some of the things on your desk at home. You can take a picture of your favorite pen to use at work, or your phone, or that troll doll that's still sitting on top of your monitor.

If you don't have a desk or an office or a cubicle, that's ok. Just give us a picture of something that might relate to something mentioned above. Heck, a post-it that says "Office Supply Wednesday" would be fine. Use your creativity!!! Have fun with it, dammit!

If you don't have a camera...wake up. It's 2005. Live in the now.

Every week I'll try to scour as many blogs as I can to find the best picture for Office Supply Wednesday. The winner will get notoriety and fame beyond their wildest dreams, as I will post their name and their picture on the weekly Office Supply Wednesday post. Bonus points will be awarded for anything relating to group bunny included in your OSW picture.

Last week's winner would have to be Spinning Girl with her clever use of Post-It's in a crazy artistic way that made me tickle myself with glee. Good job, Spinning Girl! You've won a free oven mitt.

So, grab those cameras kiddies... snap a picture, and let the joy of Office Supply Wednesday take a hold of you!!!!!

PS: Hopefully soon, I'll have a hot-button link thingy for you to put on your blog for Office Supply Wednesday, so people can link to this wonderful new trend. It's in the works at the moment, so be patient.


bsoholic said...

I'm game and played along.

Eric H. said...

Aw, yeah! OSW is spreading like a virus! Thanks for the love.

drunkbh said...

Damn! I forgot.

Pizzle said...

Shan, you'll recall that I didn't forget...I even posted it. However, I posted from home, and had to wait until I got to work to get the pic up.

It's fixed now. I'm starting out small and easy. I'll work into the creative soon.

Shanshu said...

Very good! I'm glad that you were able to post a pic.

OSW rules.

Rowan said...

you are REALLY gonna make me do this aren't you?

Shanshu said...

Don't let OSW stress you out!! If you can't participate, that's ok.

Spinning Girl said...

yaaaaaay! I win!
Send my mitt (lefty please) to:

1 Chalupa Way
Quaintville, CT 06078

Tydes Perdition said...

Dammit, I forgot too! I had a pic all ready to go too. Grr.

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

I´m waiting for a sexy shot of a Swingline.

DaMasta said...

I played.

Ok, I'm late in commenting, but whatever.