Monday, November 07, 2005

Sexy Star Wars Weekend

I'm not sure how my weekend turned into a geek weekend, but it did. Apparently, having no major plans by Friday can hinder your ability to have crazy naked fun time with pickles, and leaves you with very few options to occupy your time. This is when you find yourself in the mood to do a full apartment cleaning and organization, complete with sweeping the outside deck and putting all of your DVD's into genre order, rather than the previous order of alphabetical. We vacuumed, we dusted, we organized the closets...we were anal-retentive cleaning machines who were focusing on the goal and giving 110% with a new cleansing paradigm of quality control within the home unit.

That lasted about 3 hours, and then we were bored again.

Luckily, we had some friends over for a good night of geek-tastic fun: Star Wars video games and take-out food. Aw, yea. The girls were in the bedroom watching a movie (and by "watching a movie" I mean "watching a movie"...I told you it was a dull weekend) while the boys stayed in the living room defending the galaxy from the evil Galactic Empire. Star Wicky-wicky-wild fun, yo.

Since Saturday night was mainly spent playing Star Wars, Sunday was going to be a new day and a fresh start...a chance to take advantage of the weekend with fun plans, exciting meals, and good times.

We ended up having a Star Wars movie marathon.

Like I said, I'm not sure how this happened, but it did. Rest assured that next weekend will be weekened, we'll be sure to watch Harry Potter and play magic games. Woo!

Happy friggin Monday.


insanityinsk said... when you say watched mean just watched movies....kinda sad.....maybe you should try a

Shanshu said...

Yeah, it's been a while since I've had a might be time to do that, again! lol

I've had enough geek to last a while, too. this next weekend will be wild crazy fun, complete with whipped cream and speeding tickets.

Kay said...

Wait, so next weekend's going to be wild crazy fun, complete with whipped cream ans speeding tickets. I understand how that's possible, but how the hell do you plan to do that while having a Harry Potter marathon?

Shanshu said...

Well, Harry Potter marathons always seem to get out of control and crazy, all on their own.


Kay said...

Oh, I see. I think maybe I need to check those out, if they're as wild and crazy as you say.

Spinning Girl said...

You have the best life.

Please come clean my house.

You can wear that little outfit I got you.

And call me ma'am.

Good boy.

Shanshu said...

I can't believe nobody has commented on the sexy stormtrooper, yet.

For shame.

Oh, and spinning girl: I will NOT clean your home, but I will wear the outfit you got me.

drunkbh said...

If you feel like cleaning again next weekend, I'll give you my address. I have all the Harry Potter movie. You can watch them afterwards.

Kay said...

Ok: Whoa, who's that hot biotch in the Storm Trooper outfit?

Shanshu said...


Her name is Sarah and she lives in a land far, far away.

EBethToThePowerOf? said...

a) where can I get that outfit?

b) the invitation to watch Chamber of Secrets was actually BEFORE I read this blog entry. Now I feel simultaneously embarrassed and psychic!

Rowan said...

sounds like even when you are being boring yuou are being fun!

Wish I could say the same here.

Shanshu said...

ebeth: you ARE a tad freaky, with the Harry Potter invite you sent. Very "oooohhhh" isn't it?

rowan: I'm always fun, except at funerals...and the dentist.

Harry Yak said...

i was going to comment about the 'she-trooper' but everytime i looked at the picture i had to go play with my 'cash and prizes'. the only reason i was able to comment now is that i closed my eyes and scrolled down first.

now bring on the 'she troopers'!

B.O.B.I. said...

Whoa whoa whoa... Shanshu, I'm offended! Time with Star Wars is never boring!
Also, it's interesting to note that at least three of us bloggers went on a cleaning spree this weekend. This might warrant investigation...

As for next weekend, are you saying you'll play Magic: The Gathering? 'Cuz that's fucking tits, yo... I'll bring my Atog Deck. :P

By the way, ditto to Yak's comment on the She-Trooper. That is the hottest belly button ever.

B.O.B.I. said...

Oh, yes, I'll pretty much be only at from now on. I'll still have this account so I can comment and stuff, but all new posts will be at the new Pants-Pooping blog.

One more thing... do the characters at the bottom of every post mean "Love Shadow Love"?

Shanshu said...

BOBI: I agree, a Star Wars weekend is always a good thing. I am shamed for my lack of vision.

I meant Harry Potter magic and bunny magic, not the card game. Sorry, yo.

I will add your new site to my links bar. Thanks!

Yes, that is what the characters at the bottom of the posts mean. If you roll your mouse over them, you should get a little mouse-note that pops up. Pretty swanky.

Shadow Love is like ninja group bunny. Although, I WISH there was a way to come up with characters that said "GROUP BUNNY" or something similar...but WHO would be able to find those for me? hmmmm....I guess nobody is up to the challenge.