Wednesday, November 09, 2005

NaNoWrMo and Wednesday Office Supply

Ok, so this idea of mine to participate in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrMo) is starting to look like a huge mistake. At this point, I'm left with nothing more than feelings of inadequacy and a violent temper towards all things creative. First of all, I decided to axe my original novel idea, and go in a completely different direction…which means that I have started over on the 8th day of the contest…which means I’m more than a week behind. It also means that I have a very small chance of actually finishing before the deadline on the 30th, which means I’m a pathetic loser. Secondly, I think my story sucks ass, and needs to be drowned at the bottom of a very murky lake somewhere. I’m not even sure where I’m going with my plot, and I’ve found that the “come up with ideas as you go” technique may work for blog posts and term papers, but it does not work for a novel.

To be fair to myself, I only write when I am at work because I don’t have a computer of my own to waste time on. And even though many people have the ability to write out longhand on college-ruled paper with their favorite pencil…I cannot do that because I hate is so much, it makes my teeth itch. So I’m left with only being able to write a little bit each day while I’m at the office, in between my awesome blog posts, and my need for online chess and porn.


I guess I’m going to be a NaNoWrMo failure, but that’s ok. I sort of jumped into it, without knowing what it was and so now it’s slapping me upside the head and calling me Sally. I’m expecting it to braid my hair and put me in a dress by next Thursday.

On a different subject, I’ve decided to start a new “thing” here in the blog-universe. Most of us have heard of Half-Naked-Thursdays and just recently have I heard of Self-Portrait Tuesdays and so that got me to thinking: I can exploit a day for my own selfish desires, as well. There’s nothing on Wednesdays that I am aware of, and so today is going to start being “Office Supply Wednesday”. I’m calling it that, because it sums up the whole thing rather well. I may change the name when I am more creative, but for now we’ll just stick with that.

The premise is simple: on Wednesdays, take a picture of something on your desk and then post it. It’s really that simple. Here are the rules: It must be a picture of something on your desk/in your office. It must not contain any fish. That's about it. I don’t expect this to catch on, but I figure at the very least ONE other person will do it, and then I can start telling people that I am a leader, or something. If nobody else does this, then I’ll feel like a loser and I’m pretty sure I’ll boil my own head to help quell the emotional pain and rejection.

So anyway, happy Office Supply Wednesday!!!


Crystal said...

I have complied! You lead me Shanshu! I am your follower.

Writers/Artists are their own harshest critics. I'm sure you're novel isn't that bad.

Rowan said...

you're your own worst enemy. I've told you before and I"ll tell you again, your writing style is my favourite in blogworld and as opposed to doing nothing about it ( as all blogstars are in secret hoping to be a novel star one day out of their garage or something) you are really doing it. Congratulations are in order for that alone. I'm sure your novel is ace.

Shanshu said...

crystal: You ROCK for being the first blogger to take part in Office Supply Wednesday!!! +50 cool points.

rowan: thanks for the support! As much as today's post was bitchy, I'm actually enjoying this whole excersise in novel the very least, it will help me to be a better writer someday.

R. U. Serious said...

I don't have a desk!

Shanshu said...

Oh....well, any pic of an office supply will do just fine. Even a paperclip will work.

All can participate, all are welcome.

Rowan said...

I don't have a camera with me!?!

Spinning Girl said...

I totally played. You & me baby, we will OSW this whole blogosphere!!!

drunkbh said...

I'll do it just to keep you from boiling your own head. Is there a rule against placing objects on my desk for the picture?

Shanshu said...

spinning: You also ROCK, girl! Yeah! Time to rule this place! OSW rules!

drunkbh: no rules against that, no. Unless it's fish.

Kay said...

I'm so doing that.
Not till next week since I missed it.
But I'm doing it.
If I remember.

Anonymous said...

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