Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Few Things That Intrigue Me

  • I have no problem with taking a 2 hour lunch, or leaving the office early...but I hate to be late to work, for some reason.
  • Feeling paper on my skin is the same thing as fingernails on a chalkboard, to me. It makes my teeth itch.
  • People who drive 15 mph under the speed limit probably don't think they are being as dangerous as the people who drive 15 mph over the limit.
  • When lighters get cold, the flame doesn't go as high.
  • No matter who you are, or where you some point in your life, some complete stranger will start a conversation with you that has nothing to do with anything.
  • I can eat any vegetable raw, but won't touch the same vegetable once it's cooked.
  • Men think it's sexy to watch 2 girls kissing...yet women don't think it' s sexy to watch 2 men kissing.
  • The Boondock Saints sequel still hasn't hit the theatres, yet.
  • People who put ranch dressing on top of their pizza.
  • The fact that there are some indigent people out there "too proud" to go on welfare, yet not too proud to beg for money on the street.
  • Carrot Top is actually funny to some people.
  • The human body, and how it works.'s like, the coolest thing ever.
  • Anybody who orders a double cheeseburger with extra sauce, large fries, and then a diet coke.
  • The fact that most people are so obsessed with asking "Why are we here? Where did we come from?" that nobody is asking the more important question "Where are we going?"
  • Tony Danza has a talk show.
  • Breasts.
  • I hate cherries, but love anything that is cherry flavored.
  • Taco Bell has had the worst commercials of any other fast-food restaurant for so long, I can't even remember when they didn't suck.
  • Most girls believe that giving oral sex is not as personal as having sex, while most men feel the complete opposite.
  • The Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences
  • Cary Grant never won an Oscar, but Jamie Foxx has.
  • No blogger girls have sent me a picture of their breasts yet.
  • There are parts of this earth that we have never seen, and probably never will.
  • Starbuck's has no problem with putting a Starbuck's across the street from another Starbuck's.
  • Ginger kids have no souls.
  • Office Supply Wednesday already has 5 participants!!
  • The word blogger is not in the Blogger spell-check dictonary


I stole this from Rowan


Think Frustrated said...

Ok, so I wholeheartedly agree with:

Raw Vegetables. I hate anything cooked.

Cherries. Same goes with me for grapes.

The oral sex thing. I only give it up to the ladies I love, 12 year old girls (this is true!) give it up so that they won't "lose their virginity."

Something else that intrigues me is why are there two different spellings for Ketchup (catsup)?

drunkbh said...

FYI- The work fuck in not in spellcheck either.

Connie said...

My stupid score was 13. I'm smarter than you.

Crystal said...

i love your lists. i guess cuz i feel like i can relate to you so well.

I too hate cherries but love cherry-flavored things. I like my veggies cooked though. I too find the Lincoln-Kennedy facts intriguing. And I've discovered in the last 2 years that there are quite a few women out there that are turned on by two hot men getting it on.

I LOVE these statements:
1. The human body, and how it works.'s like, the coolest thing ever.
2. There are parts of this earth that we have never seen, and probably never will.
because I've often thought the same thing.

About the diet drink thing...I drink Diet Mt. Dew with everything. It's not because I think it's healthier (because it's really not very) but because I prefer the taste to regular. Regular is just a little too sweet for my taste buds.

Jen said...

We got the same stupid score. Connie can suck balls.

Shanshu said...

jacob: not sure about the Ketchup thing, but I've also wondered the same thing.

crystal: I'm glad you liked the list! And i see your point about the Diet Mt. Dew thing, also.

jen: I just realized the Stupid test picture has a bunny in it! Awesome.

Heather said...

There are two different spellings for ketchup? Seriously? I thought everyone spelled it like me. I am 32% stupid.. Im like the dumbest person here. :/

Great lists. As always, you are my hero.

Think Frustrated said...

I got a 42 on the stupid test.

Kay said...

I'm 30% stupid...
Ditto to the can't be late to work, but can leave early (don't like taking more than an hour for lunch though.)
15 under is so much more dangerous than 15 over. It stresses everyone else out, and causes them all to pass.
Love cooked veggies, so not feelin ya there.
2 guys: yeah, that's hot sometimes. I also think 2 girls is, whether I'm part of it or not.
Ranch dressing on pizza is gross. Don't ever put the cinnasticks icing on pepperoni pizza either, so bad.
Taco bells' commercials: Yeah, I've got nothing. I like them better than "we love to see you smile" or that freaky-ass king who smiles.
The whole lincoln kennedy thing is weird, but in a good way.
One Starbucks per mile is acceptable, a block apart is not. Same goes for the Waffle House in the south.

B.O.B.I. said...

As soon as the page popped up I saw the words, "Boondock Saints". That's basically all I could focus on.

How much can one man love this movie? I sleep with it next to my pillow. What say you?

As for the sequel... patience, brother. It'll happen. It must happen!!

B.O.B.I. said...

By the way, 34% stupid.

The Humanaught said...

Hey... I'm 5% stupid... but I think I'm purdy stupid for putting that on here... as it just ostracises me... (ah, sorry... shuns me... forgot who I was speaking to). ;-)

Eric, did we watch Boondock Saints in Spain? If not, we should have... I had it with me.

Shanshu said...

ryan: Um...we watched The Transporter in Spain...should have watched Boondock Saints, though!

BOBI: I sleep with Boondock Saints UNDER my pillow, my brotha.

Crystal said...

What is this Boondock Saints?

B.O.B.I. said...

WHAT?!~??! WHAT!?!?


Crystal, I am leaving you another voice mail! It will be irate and explanatory!

Bad Touch said...

Crystal, Go and rent the movie Boondock Saints or I will be forced to beat you with a stick no wider than my thumb.


Shanshu said...

Crystal: Boondock Saints is a movie and it rocks! You should rent it...I bet you'd like it.


bobi and badtouch: I agree.

Jen said...


Don't watch the cat scene.

Bad Touch said...

"I can't believe that just fucking happened!!"

"Is it dead?"

Shanshu said...

LMFAO at the cat scene!!!

DaMasta said...

Hey dude,
I'm totally doing the OSW on my blog. I'll link you of course. I have a good feeling about this!! MWAAHAAAHAA!!

ps. I tried to email you but it didn't stick.

Shanshu said...

damasta: thanks for the support and the link!! OSW is going to be the next big thing, I can FEEL it.

Can you feel it? I can feel it. Muy bueno.

Kay said...

Because of the numerous recommendations here I downloaded Boondock Saints today. I will now watch it (or tommorrow if I fall asleep), and report back my take.

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

Dude, you need to check your yahoo messenger account. I've been trying to send you tit pics for the last month and a half.

Think Frustrated said...

"What was the cat's fucking name?!?!"

The Humanaught said...

Connor: [picking out weapons and gear] Do ya know what we need, man? Some rope.
Murphy: Absolutely. What are you, insane?
Connor: No I ain't. Charlie Bronson's always got rope.
Murphy: What?
Connor: Yeah. He's got a lot of rope strapped around him in the movies, and they always end up using it.
Murphy: You've lost it, haven't ya?
Connor: No, I'm serious.
Murphy: That's stupid. Name one thing you'd need a rope for.
Connor: You don't fuckin' know what you're gonna need it for. They just always need it.
Murphy: What's this 'they' shit? This isn't a movie.
Connor: Oh, right.
[picks up large knife out of Murphy's bag]
Connor: Is that right, Rambo?
Murphy: All right. Get your stupid fuckin' rope.
Connor: I'll get my stupid rope. I'll get it. There's a rope right there.

Pizzle said...

OMFG...the cat scene is the best thing ever. Way better than it's Pulp Fiction counterpart.

Good list, dude. As always.

Rowan said...

I hate to leave early, always work a little late nearly, but almost never on time anymore. I HATE that though.
ya know what makes MY teeth itch? Wooden popcicle sticks, eeeekkk!I think it is VERY sexy to watch 2 men kiss, as well as 2 women, whichever, doesn't bother me...I think it's naughty therefore = good. I marvel at the human body, and how it works daily.
the ones that order the diet coke are either diabetic, or actually (like I) prefer the taste of diet. Seriously, I do!
I hate oranges, but I love orange flavouring. I don't consider oral sex intimate pretty well, at least not as much as sex, but the most intimate act for me, is a hug. I don't hug people I am not at the 7th level of intimacy with - I have to have complete love and complete trust to do that. However, men feel oral is given to their more prized fillies?I didn't know you'd want a pic of my bubbies!?!Why do you say ginger kids have no souls? I keep forgetting to bring my camera to work with me. Been meaning to check if blogger has made it's way to a dictionary period yet....probably has.