Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Which Would You Rather Fight?

A robot?


Or a zombie?

Be sure to explain your answer.


Crystal said...

a robot. easier and quicker to destroy than a zombie.

DaMasta said...

A robot. I hear water is a son of a bitch on electronic meanies.

Seriously, haven't you seen Terminator or Robocop? Those movies ended. Melted machine man? Done. Destroyed evil machine cop dood? Done.

Have you ever seen the end of a zombie movie? Those fuckers never die! There's always an elusion to the fact that they are still alive! Fark that.

crabcake said...

Zombie. A robot could conceivably be loaded with an uzi in his forearm or something. Zombies are nice and slow and never turn their heads so it's easy to sneak up on them.

Jen said...

A robot, because they can't think.

Some may say that zombies can't think either, but I've seen plenty of movies with thinking zombies.

Think Frustrated said...

Robots think way better than people do. They are cold and calculating and just take empirical evidence into account. They have no problem totally killing you. Plus, have you seen The Terminator? He is a robot, programmed to kill.

That said, I'd fight a zobmie. They are slow, dumb, and only harmless if they bite you. Like in "Land of the Dead," we could have cage matches in which I just fucking rip their heads off. However, that could be bad, as you can't kick a zombie in the nuts (which is my trademark move).

I'd actually rather fight a seven-year-old.

Justin said...

What about a Robot Zombie???

Shanshu said...

The results are in! We have a tie!

Zombie: 3
Robot: 3

My vote is for Zombie. Robots can be super-strong and they can't slow down because of pain or a kick to the kneecaps. A zombie is just a human, when everything is all said and done. Plus, they're always slow-witted and slow-moving.

I wouldn't want to fight a robot...it could crush my head like a melon. A zombie just moans at you and bites.

Robot Zombies don't count. That would just be silly. We're talking about REAL LIFE here.


Spinning Girl said...

I vote Zombie. You can always rip off a limb or something.