Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Office Supply Wednesday!!!


I'm sure you haven't forgotten Omi, my little office supply ninja. He's kept himself busy this past week, defending my office supplies and fighting evil.

Normally, Omi prefers to keep himself hidden so he may strike his foes at will. Sometimes he just likes to play games. See if you can spot him in this picture:

Sometimes, Omi chooses more advanced modes of concealment. Like all ninja, Omi has the ability to blend into his environment, like the chameleon. This allows him the opportunity to destroy enemies with stealth.

Hiding doesn't always benefit Omi. In certain cases, battle is necessary. I've managed to document such an occasion, in which our hero was forced to do have a wu dai ninja showdown with a pair of nasty spiders. In the end, Omi walked away with a new pair of silk pajamas and 16 walking sticks.

After a long day's work, Omi must rest. I tried to give him a comfy pillow, but he refused. He insisted that a true warrior must live a Spartan existence. He ended up choosing the post-it pad. Be careful not to call him cute to his face...he might ninja-kick you. In the face.

Omi understands the benefit of having fun, and so he takes time out to enjoy himself. He's recently taken to enjoying my new iPod.

Happy OSW! Until next week, keep your erasers and pencils protected.


Bad Touch said...

My god man, do you have to do anything at work at all?


This is freaking awesome. Keep the tales of Omi coming.


Think Frustrated said...

That fucking ninja is the MAN! See if he can ninja chop me some salami with his hand, no knife.

Maccafreak said...

LMAO! I am definitely enjoying the adventures of Omi.

DaMasta said...

"In the face" crax me up everyfuckingtime.

I like how he's still in "ninja" pose while he's sleeping.

You want me fluff yer pillow?

Bad ninja! Bad! Naughty!

[he makes me hot.]

Pizzle said...

Dude...this is one of the funniest fucking things you've ever brought to your blog. The Adventures of Omi will never get old.

Good shit, friend.

Shanshu said...


Shanshu said...

By the way, did anybody spot Omi in the 2nd picture? He was hiding well, being clever.

Omi likes to play. I'm thinking about getting him a little ball to play with for when I'm not in the office.


DaMasta said...

Is he in the pencil cup?

Shanshu said...

Yes! You win 10 Omi points!