Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Office Supply Wednesday and Orange Ninjas

Happy OSW!
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my new office-mate. His name is Omi, and he's my special buddy. He has lightning quick reflexes and a desire to do good. He's kind and gentle, and only attacks when he needs to. I've decided to let him rule over my cubicle, in order to keep the other office supplies in line, and of course to stop the invading Dust Armies of Scourge. As long as Omi has got my back, nothing can harm me while I'm sleeping at work.
Omi wields the all-powerful Nano-Shurikens of Doom, the dreaded slayers of Dust!

Omi maintains lookout over his domain with constant vigilance.

Omi is a master of all office supplies, and can use them with ease.

Like all ninja, Omi prefers to lurk in the shadows where he can become neigh invisible. See if you can spot him in this picture:

Too late! Omi has already snuck up on you.


Maccafreak said...

Absolutely hilarious! I laughed out loud! OMG!

DaMasta said...


I fuggin L-O-V-E him!!
[will he be my valentine?]

Did you see my little executives? I'm thinking of making them a regular on OSW. I'll post something later.

U Rock.


Think Frustrated said...

I love the little Ninja. I need to get someone to look over my office(cube) for me because I travel a lot and am only there one week out of the month. I need someone to keep motherfuckers out of my candy jar and pen cup. I used to have a ninja turtle with a mohawk, but I can't find him.

drunkbh said...

Your desk is way too neat.

Pizzle said...

DUDE! That guy is AWESOME!

I laughed out loud at the sneak up on me thing. So fuckin' funny.

Love the new template. You have a missing image at the bottom, fyi...

Kay said...

He's cute, but I love the new layout.

DaMasta said...

OSW post is up at the 5th circle blog!

Oh, and yer office is too green..??

Shanshu said...

pizzle: image fixed, thanks!

damasta: awesome OSW pic!! Tiny executives can be pesky. If they ever get out of line, just let Omi know. He'll ninja kick their ass.

frustrated: no excuse, man. You need to find that ninja to protect yourself. do it before you are attacked!

drunkbh: do you mean, "neat" as in COOL? Or do you mean "non-messy"?

kay: thanks! I'm still toying with it.

kimberlina said...

browsed on over from bobi's site and your loss of 10 macho points.

omg, omi = cutest.

i, too, giggled, but have gained 10 cute points.

The Humanaught said...

Let me ask. Is Omi a card carrying member of the Protectors of Deskspace Legion? If not, let me explain this excellent opportunity.

Aside from the inherent prestige, the Protectors of Deskspace Legion (PDL) offers our members a comprensive package of benefits.
1. Full medical coverage in case of accidental death or dismemberment. Exclusive of acts of gods and staplers. Also includes a broad pharmaceutical package for all your drug needs.
2. Discounts on various goods and services simply by presenting your PDL Card at participating outlets.
3. Assurance of salary equality. As a member of PDL you have a brotherhood (and sisterhood) behind you making sure you get equal pay for equal work.
4. Credit protection. Should you not be able to work due to injury in a job-related activity (ie. pencil sitting, dust slaying, lamp clinging, etc.) PDL will cover the cost of loan/debt repayment for the period of 90 days. Payment not exceeding 0.01% for a carried debt greater than $10.00.
5. Chairmiles(tm). That's right, every time you use your PDL card to purchase equipment essential to your protective duties you earn Chairmiles(tm). Just one way PDL membership assists you in luxurious trips around the office.

As you can see the PDL membership benefits are wide and varying. If you're not a member yet, why spend another day without the assurance and bonuses of being part of the growing Protectors of Deskspace Legion community.

For more information please visit the Protectors of Deskspace Legion website at

Note: At this time PDL and its subsiduaries does not accept applications from Trolls or Filing Cabinet Magnets - because they're just gay. We're sorry if you happen to be one of the above. Truly sorry.

Shanshu said...

kimberlina: thanks for stopping by! Glad to know that somebody else out there lost some macho points for giggles, along with me. We rock, chica.

humanaught: Dude, you crack me up Barcelona style!!!! When is your ass coming back to the WEST so we can hang again? HOLA BARCELONA! Focus on the goal, 20 euro.

crabcake said...

Can we share Omi? I need him to alert me when the husband unit is coming. I have promised to do more work and less blogging. (I had my fingers crossed)

I will pay. I have Omi sized money. Not really. But I will make some.

Shanshu said...

crabcake: Sadly, Omi cannot leave his cubicle kingdom right now. Things are too complicated at the present.

Omi does have many ninja bretheren, however. I'm sure he could make a phone call, or two.

Crystal said...

These pictures made me giggle quite a bit.

Spinning Girl said...

Omi gives me a funny feeling in my tickle spot, kind of like when I used to climb the ropes in gym class.

And when did you change your template?!?

Obviously I haven't stopped by in a while.

Partners in crime said...

very, very, very funny. i was just passing through and it really made me want to go to work where i will look at this again and again! cheers!