Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cumpleanos Post

Ok, so I'm missing an accent mark over the N in my title. Well, that's because Blogger doesn't care about Spanish people.


Anyway, I thought I'd post some of the commercials from the Super Bowl that I thought were funny. There are more than this, of course...and these aren't even all of my favorites...but these were the only ones I could find online, suprisingly enough. I'm sure the rest are out there, but I'm not going to take the time to look for them. Check them out, if you haven't seen them, or want to laugh a second time.

This one for Godaddy.com didn't make it to the SuperBowl, since the stupid Nazi censors this year decided it was "too racy". Whatever.

Hope you enjoy the commercials a second time. I think my favorite is the FedEx one...but the more I see the Emerald Nuts ad, the more I like it. I dunno...I'm torn.

Today is my birthday. I rule. Send me presents, or at the very least some boobie pics to my email. Check my profile for the addy. Oh, and you'd better give me props in the comments section, bitches. Today is my day.

I just noticed that I have over 20,000 hits to my blog. Weird. I guess I don't entirely suck ass through a tube...maybe I should do a dance.


I did a dance.

I guess most of you found the drunk post to be lacking in the entertainment department. Well, that's ok. I can't promise that I won't get drunk again someday...but I can promise that I won't blog while drunk. I don't want to get arrested for a BUI or anything.

Ok that was the lamest joke I've ever made in my entire effing life. Somebody please publicly rebuke me. Cripes.

I'm going away now.


Think Frustrated said...

Wow! You're 15! One more year until you can drive and have forbidden sex with your older next door neighbor.

wrmblnwrck said...

Happy Birthday!

Oh, and I publicly rebuke you for that lame joke. Consider yourself rebuked.

Can you have forbidden sex with your neighbor at any age in Kansas? Have they relaxed the rules some?

Maccafreak said...



Love you!!

Danikabur said...


I found the drunk post entertaining.

DaMasta said...

And you're missing an "m".

DaMasta said...

Okay. Now I'm done reading the rest of the post.

It's cu[m]pleanos, you idiot.
Oh, and happy birthday, you funny fucker.


Shanshu said...

Heh. I meant to spell that wrong, to be sure you read my blog.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday! How does it feel to be 30?

Shanshu said...

I wouldn't know, since I'm not turning 30, you moron. What a great girlfriend you are...you don't even know how old I am.


It's crap like this, that's going to make me break up with you.

Kay said...

Happy Birthday.

I swear I posted when I was here earlier, but now I'm thinkin maybe I didn't.
Anyways, the drunk post was golden, absolutley golden, you must do it again sometime.
And I can't watch your clips here at work, but thanks for posting them.
The Emerald Nuts, Fed Ex, and Ameriquest all tied for awesome in my superbowl. Of course, in my Superbowl, the SeaChickens won.

Pizzle said...

lol...well...we've talked a couple times today, but I'll say it again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Shanshu said...

I love my new iPod Nano...it's like, the coolest thing EVER.

heh. Had to share with...er....whoever happens to read my comments section.


Crystal said...

I didn't watch the superbowl so the commercials were new to me. The Sprint one made me giggle, the others not so much. Teradactyls give me the creeps.

Callie said...

Happy Birthday!!

And drunk posts are always fun.

Spinning Girl said...

Happy belated birthday! Shall we break out the handcuffs & celebrate?