Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ricockulously Random #2

  1. I miss The Tick. Did anybody watch that cartoon? Hilarious.
  2. My new shirt from Express is a little stiff, and uncomfortable...but dammit I think it looks good.
  3. I’m trying to plan my summer vacation trip to the beach and it’s causing me stress.
  4. Having breakfast food for dinner is wacky good fun.
  5. I was watching Dead Like Me last night, and I saw a chick put her peanut butter in the fridge. Is this strange to anybody else?
  6. My stupid toe injury is getting much better.
  7. Final Fantasy X is the best FF game, ever.
  8. Why is it, that most One-Way plane tickets are more expensive than Round-Trip tickets? What sense does THAT make?
  9. For whatever reason, having sex on vacation is 50% better than normal sex.
  10. My current job bores me so much, sometimes I wonder if I should just start waiting tables again, like I did in college. At least it would be something different.
  11. Reality TV still pisses me off like nothing has ever pissed me off before.
  12. I can’t decide if I’d rather be immortal but ugly…or beautiful for a short life.
  13. I wonder if the Olson twins will ever do porn?
  14. I wish more people I knew, used Yahoo IM. It’s the best free chat software around, and corporate firewalls don’t block it, like AOL or MSN.
  15. Does anybody program using Visual Basic anymore? When did that stop being cool?
  16. I want my new tattoo to be both tribal and Celtic, at the same time…but I don’t think I can make that work.
  17. The girl in the cube across from me is banging her mouse on the desk, and saying “I think this thing is broken” over and over again. I think she’s on pills.
  18. This wine site is “Forbidden by the Rating Check” at my office. Why?
  19. I didn’t get all the closure I was searching for, after watching Revenge of the Sith.
  20. I don’t think they are ever going to find Natalie Holloway.
  21. For some reason, my DVR doesn’t record any new South Park episodes.
  22. I think silver is better than gold.
  23. Ending lists on a random odd number is lame.


Bashful Blue said...

My hubby puts peanut butter in the fridge, and yes I think it's strange.

Glad to hear your toe is getting better.

Get a part-time gig waiting tables, then decide which is better.

Oh, and silver IS better than gold. But platinum is better. :)

Shanshu said...

I think PB in the fridge is DAMN strange.

I've never worn platinum, that I'm aware of. I bet it would go well with my new shirt.

da buttah said...

i keep my PB in the fridge....

Nameless said...

Never saw anyone put peanut butter in a fridge. I saw someone put bread in the fridge though. That seemed odd. Oh well, to each his own.
Great Blog, glad I stopped by. It's always nice to see someone loving the Foamy cartoons. Pill cracks me up with his fast talking.

wrmblnwrck said...

1) The Tick was great. The live action version was blasphemy.

7) FF8 was really annoying, except the card game part.

8) Especially when you get the super-special anal probing with a 1-way ticket. you're paying more money for the joy of being violated.

11) Amen. And it just won't freaking die.

12) Do you actually have the option?

15) Wait...VB was cool?

18) I can't get The Onion at work :(

19) But the question you have to ask is: are you really that surprised?

21) Fuck, there are new episodes? How did I miss that??

Danikabur said...

1. The Tick was freakin awesome! Spooooon! Did you ever see Earthworm Jim? I miss that one too.

7. I liked FF8 the best but 7 comes a very close second

22. I agree with bashful blue. Silver is better but platinum is better than silver.

Shanshu said...

nameless: I LOVE Foamy...he makes me world make sense. Oh, and your blog post with all the pictures? HOT. Thanks for that one.

rich: VB was cool, until everybody starting doing it.

dani: a cute girl that is also a gamer...HOT. I don't remember Earthworm Jim, although it sounds familiar.

Shanshu said...

butah: you really keep PB in the fridge? May I ask why? Does it keep longer, or taste better?

What is the reason? I must know!

Pizzle said...

The answer to number 9?

1. You don't have shit to get up for and do when you're on vacation.

2. You don't have to clean up after your own mess (if it's a hotel).

3. You don't have to have it in the same place (I, ahem, hear hot tubs in Vegas are worthy).

And the list goes on...

EBethToThePowerOf? said...

why on earth would you put PB in the fridge? So it gets even HARDER to spread on your bread so that you rip the bread with the super-hard and viscous peanut butter?

Sometimes, believe it or not, softer IS better.
This Peanut Butter behavior makes no sense to me.

MADNESS, I tell you. . .MADNESS!

Shanshu said...

pizzle: I think those are good reasons, for sure. I also think that vacations are just exciting, and that makes the sex exciting.

ebeth: I do not get the PB in the fridge thing, either. Madness, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I like the novelty of doing it somewhere different. Not the same old bed or couch or or shower or apartment. I also always feel more willing to experiment while on vacation, which adds heat to sex. Somehow if you do something on vacation that you wouldn't normally do at home, it doesn't count once you get home.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous was Jen BTW.

And I put bread in the fridge when I know the loaf is going to take a while to get eaten, so it stays fresh longer.

Danikabur said...

Earthworm Jim was awesome!

Oh and I agree. Sex while on vacation is better.

Shanshu said...

OMG Earthworm Jim was a video game, too! That's why it seemed familar to me. I had to see the picture, to remember.


l'il bear said...

PB in the fridge is strange

Breakfast food anytime is great

Reality TV is shit

Bang the mouse upside that chick's head and ask why it doesn't work

I feel your Southpark pain

But glad your toe is better.

Callie said...

I keep the PB in the fridge, too. Keeps it fresher that way. When I leave it out, it tastes rather rancid.

Bashful Blue said...

I've given up trying to figure out why hubby likes his PB in the fridge. It just makes it that much harder to spread. Let me ask you this....does anyone else use a spoon to spread their PB? Or am I the only wierdo. It's the only way I can get that rock hard pb to spread.

More weird news....since were on PB. I discovered the other night that it is quite yummy with Tostitos. :)

.: raven :. said...

peanut butter in the fridge is VERY weird. it gets hard and isn't easy to spread ....

sex on vacation is good .. but sex at home should never be "normal" .. always have to change it up and keep it hot .. passionate and exciting. ice, hot wax, floggers, restraints ... :)

i use yahoo messenger .. and yes it is better than anything else.

i hope they find Natalie Holloway .. but i think you're right. i think she's probably far far out to sea and someone will find her washed up on shore in a year from now.

South Park rules.

silver IS better than gold .. i only wear silver.

great blog! :)

*~**E**~* said...

The wine site may be blocked b/c it has the word twin in it and maybe they noticed you looking for too much olsen porn?? perhaps?

Kay said...

1) Nope, never.
4) Have to agree with Holly, Breakfast is good, anytime
5) I've heard of it, seen it done (an aunt who lived in AZ for a while), but it's as wierd to me as putting ice in milk.
8) Cuz the airlines are out to get us. They figure on one way trips, you got to go, but a round trip, you could just stay, since you're comin back anyway, right?

Here's one: Is it frickin wierd to anyone else to video tape a damn funeral? And then have people wanting to give the tape to the damn family? That just creeps me out. And being the one they made film it.. It really creeps me out.

drunkbh said...

#12 should be easy. Would you want to spend eternity never getting laid because you're ugly? I vote for the beautiful.

B.O.B.I. said...

Here's to the FFX props! I beat the living shit out of that game and then some. I loves it so...

By the way, who mentioned Pill? 'Cuz I needs me some pills to cure the death...

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

I miss The Tick too! My younger brothers and I would always quote a particular line, that went something like, "I'm not goin' in there, it smells like poo gas!"

Spinning Girl said...

The Olsen twins having sex with each other would sound like bamboo wind chimes banging together.

* said...

The Tick is still on at midnight over here. Love it.

I put peanut butter in the fridge...

And FF7 beats the hell out of FFX!!