Friday, July 01, 2005

Boobs, Butts, or Biceps?

What is your favorite feature, on a member of the opposite sex? Recently, a few friends of mine have gotten me curious, as to what specific feature most people find attractive. For example, many of my guy friends are “butt men”. They prefer da’ booty, over da rest of da body. Me, myself? I am a boob man, all the way. I like the boobies. Some of my girlfriends have told me that their favorite feature on a guy is the butt, as well. But then again, many girls say things like “eyes” or even “hands”. Hands…what’s THAT about?

So anyway, all of this got me to thinking (something I try not to do, too often): what is the most prevalent feature on a guy/gal that most people find attractive? Do most women prefer guys to have a nice butt? Do most guys prefer a girl with nice breasts? Or is there a universal answer…does a nice butt work for both sexes? What feature is the favorite? Who will win the “best feature” contest?

Let me know in comments. I will update the post with the new results, as I get them. So far, the results are as follows:

Guys’ Favorite Feature:
Butt (6)
Smile (1)
Breasts (4)
Eyes (7)
Neck (1)

Girls’ Favorite Feature:
Butt (4)
Hair (1)
Shoulders (2)
Smile (1)
Chest (1)

updated: 7/5/05 7:57am

I’m sure that since this is such a data-controlled survey, that the results will be 100% accurate, and soon we will have the answers we seek. Or rather, the answers that I seek…but whatever. Oh, and for those of you who are like “this is a lame post” you can bite me! I have a hangover and I am tired and I do not want to be at the office today, and since this is a 3-day holiday weekend, I thought it would be nice to get a new post out there, before I disappear for awhile…so back off.

Hugs and kisses.


l'il bear said...

Yeah, hugs and kisses, feel the love.

I'm a total shoulders girl. Something to hug, be held by, nuzzle, bite... grrrrrr.

Pizzle said...

I'm sure you've already factored in my answer, since, uh, you know me better than anyone, but it's all about the butt, if choosing between butt and boobs.

Also, there's a standard by which you forgot to factor...are we talking just for sexual attractivness? Or some kind of long-term thing?

Trust me, I'll hook up with a chick who's got a smokin' body and below-average face, but I don't want to look at that thing for the rest of my life...

Shanshu said...

Physical only...and yes, I already counted your vote.

The results are in...I guess there are more "butt men" and "eye men" than anything else...and girls are just all over the place, with a slight edge for "butt girls".

Go figure.