Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thor-Axe Thursday

Many of you have wept. Some of you have verbally questioned. Even fewer of you have noticed. Whether you are a part of the few or the many, one point seems clear: my lack of creativity this week is disheartening. I know you suffer, for I see it day by day…and I am sure you do not suffer needlessly. My only consolation is to tuck you into bed and whisper in your ear, “It will all be over soon”. The creative well within my soul has not yet dried up like a sun-cooked raisin, nay it is simply lying dormant while other things within my brain take priority. For now, I must leave you with a Thursday post that will not inspire, nor cause joy. It simply is.

If you look to your right, you will notice that I have put my blog links in alphabetical order in appropriate anal-retentive fashion. Please note that this does nothing for the overall appearance of my blog; it simply helps me to feel clean. You may now clap for me.

I got the chance to chat with HMH today. It’s always fun to chat with fellow bloggers, in my opinion. That puts my total up to 2, which is twice as high as the previous record of blogger chat buddies, so that shows great social improvement. You may now clap for me a second time.

I considered posting some of my poetry today, including the poem I had “published” back in college. In the end I decided that most of my readers would not care to see that side of me, and so I held back. Perhaps I will share the Sappy Shanshu with you in the future, but for now you’ll have to make do with tales of group bunny and rambling rants. Oh, and don’t forget about lists…lists are my bread and buttah, bitches.

I also considered posting the first part of a story I am currently working on…I’m still undecided on that one, at the moment. I might end up leaving that up to a vote, or something. It won’t be today, so there’s not really a point in bringing it up. You may not clap for me a third time.

I think I will get back to work now, before this post starts to suck ass. Stay tuned for more blogging brilliance and witty writing, or more words that start with the same letter!


drunkbh said...

Spoke with blogger #2
Put links in alphabetical order.

Bad Touch said...

Halloween is just around the corner. Mead, ale, and halloween swill. Drunken debauchery, pirate bunny! Fear not my friend, for you will once again be inspired.

If not you will at least have some fucked up stories to share.


Kay said...

I've gone through you archives and like your writing.

I vote show us?
And I clap for the story.

Spinning Girl said...

I feel dry too. Maybe because it has been raining for 12 days.

Shanshu said...

drunkbh: thank you, thank you.

badtouch: that is true...stories will abound.

kay: wow, you've read the ARCHIVES? You must really like me, then! Sweet!

spinning: I hear ya. The weather is turning cold here and it's pissing me off. I wish it were just raining, though.

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

I will message you again soon, after Dell comes to fix my brand new laptop. Assuming I don´t go batshit and get commited to a Dutch mental institution.

Crystal said...

and lord knows we need more lists

Ms. Adventures said...

Yes lists, we need lists.

I vote Yay on the poetry. No one is one dimensional. Lets see another side.

Shanshu said...

Ok you asked for it! I shall post some poetry, but you can't laugh at it or else I'll die.

Rowan said...

Shan, no laughs here, we love you!
I always have loved your writing style, that's what more than anything else keeps bringing me back. I would LOVE to read your story, but I worry because if you plan to get published would you perhaps rather keep it to yourself for time being? That's what I've been doing. I too write all the time, even when I sleep I think, want a dream writer like in the tommyknockers I always say! You are the kind of writer I hope to be, upbeat and beautiful, even when you are talking about bad things in life.

Shanshu said...

thanks, rowan!!!! you make me blush.