Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Office Supply Wednesday

I came into the office this morning to find Omi had been attacked! His lifeless body was found hanging on the cubicle wall, like some cheap deer head trophy.
I couldn't believe my eyes. Omi had been impaled by some unknown enemy, and displayed for all in the office to see. Evil is afoot.
Gently, I took him down from the wall and placed him on the desk to assess the severity of his wounds. It doesn't look good. Is there a ninja surgeon in the house?!


insanityinsk said...

So sad..........yet so funny

Maccafreak said...

I bet I know who did this horrible thing...

Callie said...

Awwww! Poor Omi!

Quick! Find him a Shen Gong Wu that will heal him!!!

DaMasta said...


The insanity!

Shanshu said...

insanity: very sad, and yet very funny. Don't worry, I'm sure Omi will bounce back.

macca: OMG that is SO funny! YOu should totally bring in Mr. Bill for questioning! lol

callie: +10 cool points for knowing what Shen Gong Wu are!

damasta: I know! IT's horrible, isn't it? Omi seeks vengence.

Maccafreak said...

I don't know if Mr. Bill will come in without a fight. He's one dirty bastard.

Spinning Girl said...

Oh, I had something like that once. You just need a little duct tape and a bullet to bite on. He'll be fine.

kimberlina said...

ninjas are INCREDIBLY resilient. one might even say, rubber-like ability to bounce back.

once omi can wrest the head of that t-pin somewhere, he'll be able to pull himself off - i bet there won't even be that much blood.

ninjas are survivors.

Rowan said...

any idea of who would use your cool ninja as a way to get to you yet?