Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Overheard Things Are the Best

So last night, while screwing around online and minding my own little business, I happened to overhear a conversation that my girlfriend was having on the phone with her mother. The majority of which, is not important for this post. What is important, is one of the things I happened to overhear. I'll play it back for you, as best as I can:

Jen: He's coming in town this weekend? That's great! ... Well, I haven't seen him for a while. ... Yes, he's my brother and I love him. ... What? What do you mean, he doesn't know how to spell his own middle name? Oh. Wait, why? Why does he need...what?! Brian is tyring to get himself ordained as a minister?! Why is he doing... Oh, he's drunk? Ok.

Knowing Jen's brother, and knowing the random shit that he does like this...I pictured him online trying to become a minister and I laughed out loud. Then I laughed at the randomness of the situation. Then I laughed some more.

I'm not sure if this will be funny to anybody else...but I had to share the story because I had nothing else to say today and I wanted to update my blog.

So..um....that's all you get.


The Humanaught said...

Hey... a few years ago after hearing Robbie Williams did it I went out and got myself Ordained online.

I was even asked to perform a wedding (my sister's), but sadly at the time I wasn't able to register officially with the local law that allows for such things. Perhaps now they've sorted it out. Hehe...

For anyone wishing to put one more thing on their resume: Welcome to The Universal Life Church Monastery

DaMasta said...


Drunk and ministering.

Why do the 'down and out's always find God at the most random times?

LOL.. jk. Great post!

Tigger1004 said...

Would that mean that he is trying for Irish Catholic or Southern Baptist?