Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hide and Seek!

Can you find Omi in this picture?

What about here?

Or here? Ninja are stealthy, don't forget.

Happy Office Supply Wednesday!


Kay said...

Do we have to explain where we found him? Or just tell you we found him in all 3?
And that's very sneaky, making it so you can't click and make the picture bigger.

DaMasta said...

#1. Under the cabinet
#2. In the binder
#3. On the cleaner container??? [I dunno, I'm just making shit up for this one].

Happy OSW!

I'm up at the 5th!

Shanshu said...

Kay: You can just tell me you found Omi in all 3, and that would be fine.

Damasta: Wrong on the third one. Remember, ninja are stealthy and can blend into their enviornment!


Maccafreak said...

In the third photo, Omi is down by the trash can. Omi glows.

Tigger1004 said...

Dude...How much do you actually work there?LOL

Shanshu said...

Work? Pfffffffffffffft.

Spinning Girl said...

In the light, in the binder, on the floor behind the garbage?

You really should utilize the click-to-enlarge feature.

Jen said...

Am I stupid? I can't see him in any of the pictures.

Shanshu said...

Spinning Girl: I actually wasn't trying to keep the "click to enlarge" feature from working. I'm not sure how to do that, actually. But you found Omi, anyway!

jen: I don't know what to tell you...look harder?