Monday, April 17, 2006

Noooo, Really? I Never Would Have Guessed!

Today's DUH moment, brought to you by the British Medical Journal.

Study: Goths More Prone to Suicide



bdiddy said...

Ahh - yes - but define self destructive behavior. What about all of those insane athletes that starve themselves, take steroids or workout/compete even when they are injured. (I can knock it - I was one!) It's just a different peer group- a different outlet!

crabcake said...

How can they be sure those deaths aren't caused by accident when say, oh, a goth puts their studded collar on backwards or something? hmm? hmm? Could happen, ya know.

Bad Touch said...

"There is a Goth subculture in the U.S., reportedly inspired by fantasy games such as Dungeons and Dragon."

Are you F*$%ing kidding me? Are there still people out there that attribute suicidal tendencies to an over exposure to D&D? That is hilarious!

The only time that I can see the two coincide is when a poor lonely D&D player whom can't get a date, because he doesn't expose himself to any women that aren't elves (played by other lonely male gamers) in an online world like World of Warcraft, finally calls it quits and impales himself on his "+5 Sword of smiting" which he carefully selects from his collection of 50+ other fantasy weapons that fill any space in his home not already occupied by comic figurines.

I was a Goth in HS. I knew more depressed jocks than goths. I still play D&D. It would be kinda hot if my girlfriend's ears were pointy. I have never had suicidal tendencies.

badtouch. Geek/nerd extraordinaire!

PS: remember that band Suicidal Tendencies?

Shanshu said...

It's amazing to me, how people can get completely different themes out of the same muse.

For instance, I simply thought the title of the article was worth a chuckle...I wasn't trying to start a debate about the goth sub-culture or its roles in teenage suicide rates.

But everybody sees what they want to see, I suppose.

Rowan said...

you said it!

DaMasta said...

Being goth is so dead.

Har har har..