Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Office Supply Wednesday

The Tragedy of Omi the Office Ninja
Part 2
Previously, on Omi the Office Ninja:
Tragedy! Omi was found stuck to the wall...impaled by an unknown enemy!
But, do not fear. Ninja can heal themselves. Sometimes, they use black magic and sorcery to accomplish this. Other times, they make use of herbs and ointments in the traditions of their fathers before them. But, in certain instances when the wound is severe, office ninja are forced to resort to drastic measures: Staple-puncture.
It is an ancient remedy, passed down from the days of the first rubber office ninja.
Omi's mind and body must become one, if he is to attain balance and heal his wounds. Soon, revenge will come to the person who impaled our little orange assassin! Vengeance will be his!
Will Omi heal himself in time?
Who was the unseen enemy who impaled our office ninja?
Will Omi get revenge?
Tune in next week!!


Callie said...

Yay! Omi's going to be okay!

Who would do such a dastardly deed?

Spinning Girl said...

Oops, he forgot the solar plexus.

Kal said...

So.. I take it the boss is on vacation this week?

DaMasta said...

I hear that's good for the clap too.

pandapassport said...

wow. he kinda looks like me...