Monday, February 26, 2007

Random Monday Wacky!

Random News Article: I just found this article title funny. I didn't even read it.

Random Thought: "If you were to tattoo a vampire with a cross, would it constantly burn?"

Random Item on my Desk: A 3 fluid oz. bottle of Jergens Ultra Healing lotion.

Random Memory From Childhood: When I was a child living in Texas, it snowed one day. This was such a rare thing, and I was very excited. I went outside to build a snowman like I had always seen on TV or in the movies. Since the snow didn't really accumulate too much, my snowman was a sort of a half-snow, half-dirt concoction. On top of that, the temperature rose too high that day and so he started to melt about halfway through the process, and began to lean towards the left. Finally, as if the universe were trying to teach me a lesson, a neighborhood dog came running up and tackled my poor snowman...then he peed on it...then he stole my mother's scarf and ran away.

Random Thing Overheard at the Supermarket: "Do we have any sugar at home? Yes, we do, remember? Because we used some on your penis yesterday."

Random Song Stuck in My Head: "The Gift" by Seether


Steven Novak said...

Japanese girl...big tits...



Shanshu said...

Funny side note: I haven't even watched the video. My work has a content filter on that is so sensitive, I can't even watch YouTube videos. So I posted the link, hoping that the screen shot I saw was what the video actually WAS.

I'll be pretty embarrased, if the link is REAL porn or something else not appropriate.

So..yeah. I should double-check that when I get home.

Think Frustrated said...

Why would someone put sugar on their penis? Just use frosting. That's practically common knowledge.

Anamika Anyone said...

Awww.. Sorry for the snowman..Have a'll feel better. I think.

Kay said...

How random of you.

I'm curious about the sugar though. Did they not have frosting (as think frustrated pointed out) or is there something done with sugar that i'm not aware of?
You'd think it's be rather unpleasant, sugar's rather gritty...

I vote you go ask the chick (or dude) exactly what they were doing.

Shanshu said...

frustrated: Sugar? No idea...I guess to just try it out, or whatever. Frosting sounds much better, indeed.

anamika: My poor snowman! I had a pickle at lunch, and thought of him and that bastard dog.

kay: I'm not even sure who said it, I heard it from the next aisle over. Then there was silence...probably because the girl who said it realized she said it outloud and was freaked out.

I bet she's fun to party with, though. Gritty or no.

P said...

Pickles are cucumbers dipped in evil.

Ookami Snow said...

Random monday wacky indeed