Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kansas vs. Evolution

Finally! No more insanity.

Kansas Brings Evolution Back to Schools

For many moons now, living in Kansas has been annoying only in the sense that so many people found it frustrating that the state decided to outlaw teaching evolution in classrooms, as it was just a "theory" and had no place in a place of learning. So no Big Bang, no humans evolved from the primordial ooze...nada.

Of course, many of us saw the benefit of teaching BOTH theories on the creation of the universe, and said so. Kansas Board of Education said NO, and the people of Kansas have gotten shit ever since.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think stuff like the clip above are friggin hilarious and I'm glad that residents of Kansas such as myself were able to tell the world that we didn't vote for this crap. I mean, religion and science have always been at war, and most of those battles have been fought within the walls of our classrooms. But to suddenly not allow one or the other will always cause problems and create anger and blah blah blah. You get the idea.

So anyway, without being preachy or without trying to start a debate, I can say I am very happy with Kansas' decision to bring back Evolution in schools. Hatred and repression only causes more problems, and we have to all learn to get along.

Now we just need to figure out a way to keep teachers from fucking our students.


Lady K said...

Got your comment, and YES I got my avatar from FF12. FF is one of my favorite games. I'm a child at heart! I'll read more later, your blog is pretty cool...

Shanshu said...

Oh HELL yes! That is so rad. FF12 was one of my favorite titles in the series. It occupied way too much of my time, too. Even my gf got addicted to it.

OMG I have another FF buddy! w00t

Steven Novak said...

Better late than never I suppose. ;)


Arlene said...

Thanks for stopping by!! I'll come read more later :-)

Ookami Snow said...

The thing is, people on the coasts want to find something wrong with us in the middle part of America. So when something like this happens, they all flock to it and point and laugh at all the hicks.

But yes it is not a good idea for legislature to get in the way of science... that tends to never come out for the better.

Spinning Girl said...

what a great comic!

evolution is a fact.