Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Exploratory Committees and Why They Suck

Speaking of nothing whatsoever, and having no segue way into this of any kind, I was thinking about how completely lame the term “Presidential Exploratory Committee” is. I mean, what the fuck does that phrase have to do with running for President? Seriously…it makes no damn sense. Examine the words:

Presidential: Having to do with, or relating to the Presidency and/or decisions related to said position.

Exploratory: (adj.) Having to do with the act of exploration. To discover new things. To investigate, study, or analyze.

Committee: A group of people who consider, investigate, take action on, or report on a situation or decision.

So, when a person says they have made the decision to form a Presidential Exploratory Committee, are they trying to say that they have formed a group of people to investigate or study the current President? Or are they trying to say that they have formed a group of people to explore or study the act of making presidential decisions or actions? It’s possible that they are saying that they are currently heading up a committee to examine and explore the potential idea for a Presidential campaign to be run sometime in the near future, and that their committee will most likely end up coming to the conclusion that their candidate is the best person qualified for said presidential position.

Or perhaps they are just so full of shit they make up phrases, and want to sound more important than they really are. I bet THAT is the real reason.

Fucking lame.

The best part is, this shows me how full of shit EVERY SINGLE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE is, since they all started doing this at the same time. I may be wrong, but I don't recall anybody heading up an "exploratory committee" the last time we voted for a President. That tells me, that one person started doing it recently and then they ALL started doing it, for fear of being outdone or left behind. Like they are so special or smart for using bullshit phrases and expressions to make themselves seem more important, or something?

Double fucking lame.

Now if you excuse me, I have to form a solitary task force whose mission statement revolves around the intended uses of indoor plumbing with the use of porcelain receptacles.

PS: It's my birthday today. Oh, whatever. Don't pretend to give a shit. I'm well aware that a person's birthday is of very little importance to very many people other than the person actually celebrating their birth. For the rest of us, saying "Happy Birthday" has become nothing more than a automatic response, like saying "God bless you" when somebody sneezes.


Penny said...

Fine, I won't say Happy Birthday, even though I would actually mean to wish you a truly happy birthday.

So there.

Kay said...

I'm a week late to not wish you happy britday. That means that I didn't really want to wish you one, even if you hadn't told me not to.
Instead, I propose an in-depth study on the persuit of happiness, focusing specifically on it's effect on the anniversary of the day of an individual's birth.

Shanshu said...

Aw, thanks! Birthday wishes are always welcome, even if most people don't care about them.

Callie said...

Screw you. I'll wish you a happy fucking birthday if I want to.

Happy birthday (a week late, but you know . . . ).