Friday, January 13, 2006

Why I hate the movie STEALTH:

...because it sucked worse than anything has ever sucked before in the history of anything ever sucking. I would rather kiss a spitting cobra, than watch this pathetic film again. It took away an hour and half of my life, and gave me nothing in return except a strong desire to put a corkscrew through my left temple in an attempt to dig out the pain. It was lame, it limped.

Jessica Biel was in a bikini, though. That was pretty cool. I guess the movie wasn't all that bad.


Tydes Perdition said...

Any movie with Jessica Biel in a bikini gets a passing grade. Unless it's after she puts on 250 lbs. Hopefully that never happens.

Kay said...

I liked the movie.

Rowan said...

never saw the movie, but even I can appreciate Jessica in a bikini

Jen said...

I've rarely serious rooted for a main character to get killed, like I did with Jamie Foxx's character in this awful movie. I think I even laughed at his Top Gun rip-off death.