Thursday, January 26, 2006

K-State: 1 Bush: 0

President Bush recently visited my state of Kansas in order to hold yet another public Q & A forum for the people. Kansas as you know, is home to wheat, basketball, and semi-fascist creationism ideas in our schools. Bush chose Kansas State University as the location for his recent "I don't suck as bad as you think I do" string of public speaking engagements, most likely because his staff knew that there were too many free-thinking, independent liberals at the University of Kansas (my college) who would run circles around our Commander in Chief in the intellectual sense. Luckily, there are enough home-grown, cow-fed, good ol' boys in Manhattan, Kansas to keep Bush occupied and content like a kitten with string while the cameras rolled the pro-president propaganda feeds into our nightly news programs.

The highlight of the day was a female student who asked George 'dubya why he had cut $12.7 billion dollars from the education budget. A trapped and flustered President Bush responded with a series of lame responses and feigned confusion, which prompted several members of the audience to boo accordingly. He even used the famous "I can't hear what you're saying" routine to try and cover his ass, but to no avail. Classic stuff that deserves our applause. Thanks to the Daily Show for making a clip of it.

Watch the video here


Jen said...

OMG that is so funny. I just sent it to everyone I know. What a retard!

Maccafreak said...

"Code Yellow!!! Eagle is under attack!!" I saw this one on TV. Cracked my ass up! Jon Stewart rules!!

Pizzle said...

Nice! He was also asked what he thought about Brokeback Mountain. Classic.