Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Keep It In The Family

Reasons why you might "accidentally" have sex with your hot cousin:

  • You were drunk
  • Unknown Family Tree
  • Your dad and uncle have a really twisted sense of humor
  • It was dark
  • You can't back down from a "Triple Dog Dare"
  • You needed to spice things up at family holidays
  • You knew in your heart that God would forgive you, anyway
  • Amnesia, alzheimer's...or any other disorder that makes you forget who your family is
  • You ate too many "special brownies" before the big reunion
  • You wanted to prove that you could rock anybody's world
  • Terrorists threatened to kidnap your parrot
  • You were doing research for a new acting role
  • Your co-workers called you "chicken"
  • Your sibling was busy


HizzleThizzle said...

Its never a pleasant thing to wake up and find out you've fucked your cousin.

Think Frustrated said...

so, did you fuck your cousin? That sort of thing usually brings on a good post idea.

Pizzle said...

Well...you did say HOT cousin. Interesting how much easier it would seem to be justified.

If you fucked your ugly cousin, I don't know that any reason would help you out...

drunkbh said...

Before I read this I wouldn't have been able to find a single reason to sleep with a relative. Now, I have plenty of excuses but no hot cousins.

BTW- I love the last reason.

Crystal said...

you are a deeply disturbed man.

Kay said...

Must be a Kansas thing.

I have to agree with drunkbh, that last reason's great.

DaMasta said...

If it was only once, that's cool.

Jen said...

I'm glad you feel that it's ok to fuck your cousin. If we get married Sinead will be your cousin, you know.