Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whoa! Look out! This post is *so* not linear!

  • The radio in my car is really effing cool. It has a feature when you slow down the car, the volume lowers. It only does it when you're going fast (like on the highway) and then you stop, then you notice the volume lowers. It comes in handy. Today on the way to work I also noticed that it does a sort of "fade out" effect when you are using the "Scan" feature to surf through different radio stations. Way cool. If I could, I've give my car radio a cookie.

  • I've started going to the gym in the mornings, instead of after work. So far I like it because after work I can go home and relax without feeling fat or lazy. It's also fun to show up to work peppy and fully awake. Although I've noticed that I have less energy and it's easier to get tired, so today I ate a hardboiled egg before I went to the gym and that seemed to solve the problem. I'm worried about this solution, though. I can't eat an egg every morning...I'll die of cholesterol by the time I'm 40. I need an alternate solution.

  • Yesterday a friend and I were doing a quick 80's flashback. One of the things we brought up was old video games. Since I saw that Howard the Duck was on cable yesterday, that reminded me of the Howard the Duck video game I had for my Commodore 64 computer. I told her about it, and she actually found screenshots!! Bless her.

  • OJ Simpson is retarded. He really needs to be watched closely in a room with padded walls and spend all of his time knitting blankets and eating the soft foods because he's fucking crazy.

  • Did you know that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is not actually an average? That'll fuck with your head for about 10 seconds, I bet.

  • Speaking of things I don't give too much of a shit about, my study group spent some time last night trying to figure out Standard Deviation for our Statistics class. The book we have is lame, and confusing. Finally I went online and found the answer and it was much easier. Apparently, my textbook for class is as cool as OJ.

  • The girl on the treadmill next to me this morning ran for at least 36 minutes. After that, I did weights and saw her later on still going, only she was walking this time. She might have been on that damn thing for an hour, for all I know. It was very impressive.

  • Here's another Far Side cartoon for your viewing pleasure:

  • Why is it, when people say "It happened for the best" or "everything happens for a reason" it's always after something bad happens?

  • This is officially the worst cartoon I've ever seen. Seriously, it made my head hurt. In fact...I have rage issues right now, I hate it so much:

  • Who thinks OJ is crazy? Show of hands?

  • A friend sent me this picture today, and I had to steal it and post it:


Callie said...

I want that squirrel picture!!!

OJ is crazy, and that cartoon is, too.

Think Frustrated said...

I work out in the morning, too. It does give you energy for the day. Here's a tip. Keep the protein from the eggs without the cholesterol by only eatiing egg whites an not the yolks. An egg white omlette is a good solution. I, personally, do a chocolate protein shake with a banananana in it. Energy boost and some protein for muscle development.

I think OJ is pretty stupid. You get away with murder and now you're trying armed robbery? Good luck, asshole!

Shanshu said...

frustrated: That is a good idea, I will try that! I don't mind only eating the whites. Sounds good to me!

I'm trying that tomorrow morning.

Crabby said...

Car radio - cool. definitely cookie worthy.

OJ - nuttier than batshit.

obi wan squirrels - priceless.

(you're right that cartoon bites)

Valerie said...

Dang. Now my head hurts from that stupid cartoon. The expression on the girls' face is what kills me most--why is she SMILING at him?? Ugh!

Love the squirrels!

Please let them put OJ under the jail this time!