Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Getting Ridiculous

This is so lame.

I now have two....count them....two Blackberries on my desk. One is my personal handheld, and the other one is for work.

WHY do I have two, you ask? That's easy. Lemme 'splain:

I used to work for Sprint, who offers free mobile service to all employees. It was a pretty sweet deal and I enjoyed it. Because it was free, I loaded myself up with all the fun stuff. I bought a Blackberry 8703 with text, email, internet, instant messaging, and even threw in some GPS action.

Then I left Sprint. My employee discount went with it, and for the first time in years, I was forced to pay for mobile service like the rest of the world.


I had no idea how expensive all the shit I had on my phone was. Blackberry service turned out to be an additional $40 per month. This sucks because the Blackberry service isn't on a work I would have to pay for it. Screw that. It's not worth $40 per month for me to have the ability to IM people and send emails from the car.

Then my work told me they would set me up with Blackberry service. I said ok and then went about my business. Yesterday they dropped off a new Blackberry 8700 through T-mobile to my desk, already activated for me.

So now I have TWO Blackberries...the same model and everything. One for work, and one personal use? Lame. I should probably get rid of my Blackberry and buy a new cool handset and leave the work Blackberry for emails and IM's and all of that fun stuff.

For now I look like Batman, complete with the Blackberry utility belt. I just need a cape, and then I can get my ass kicked at the corner market by teenagers.

Sigh. Sometimes things are too complicated.


Kay said...

That is the most insanely fucked up shit ever.
Why don't you just share a phone plan with Jen or something? Deactivate your personal blackberry and get some other phone just for calls and texts.
Then you'd still have a supersweet blackberry with work footing the bill, and you'd have a personal phone, with a much nicer bill. Those family plans are the shit.

Not saying you have to take my advice, just givin you a different viewpoint.

Kay said...

And if you seriously sport that utility belt...

OKISenior said...
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Shanshu said...

That is pretty much my thinking, at this point. I figure I can keep my work Blackberry for everything, except personal calls. I can use a new handset I get to call my friends and do all that "personal" stuff.

OH, and I just wear the utility belt...and nothing else. Woo!

Think Frustrated said...

Just leave Sprint. Their service sucks anyway.

Anonymous said...

OH, and I just wear the utility belt...and nothing else. Woo!

Just add "while doing a happy dance" to tyour statement and wow, what a visual!! LOL ~Linds

Crabby said...

I want one. But....only one.

Spinning Girl said...

You are so WIRED!

Callie said...

Just remember to take video of you in the utility belt. :-D

MsLittlePea said...

I bet you feel all 'important' and 'official' with your two Blackberries. Come on, admit it!!

cathouse teri said...

Those things are just too huge! I don't wanna be carring around a mini lap top! :)

I like my phone to weigh less than three ounces. And fit in my bra.

Anamika Anyone said...

Hey, gimme one!