Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bas Rutten Street Self Defense

This guy fucking scares me.

He also makes me laugh.

It's pretty twisted.

I'm not sure why...he just cracks me up, in general. Of course...if he's reading this post he might think I'm laughing AT him., HELL no. I'm laughing WITH you, sir. Please don't punch me in the spleen.



Think Frustrated said...

"Ok, I'm sorry. Bang bang, no I'm not."


Steven Novak said...

I actually own the "Bas Rutten MMA Workout" CD set and use it every other night.

It's fun having Bas scream at me. ;)


Kay said...

I was here earlier from work, just couldn't view the vids, so I didn't comment...

Oh my God, I love this guy.
He's hilarious (but as you sad, not in a laughing-at-him way, but in a laughing-with-him way.)

"Boom! right elbow, Bring! right straigh, maybe now the headbutt come, knee to the face..."

"Everybody undersetimates the kick in the groin" Hell yeah they do.

Shanshu said...

Yes, he's a riot. My favorite is,

"He tried to kill me...I'm gonna return the favor. So we turn his wrist and then...stab him right in the liver! the liver. Yeah."

Anamika Anyone said...

Hi! I don't have much time, so can't read much, but I popped in to congraulate you on your success in Ookami's comnpetition and to ask you if I can be your groupie? :)

I saw a pic of the Karate kid down here. I don't know what the post was about, but I love that movie! Both parts!

Shanshu said...

anamika: You can TOTALLY be my groupie! I think that brings my total to 3.


Am I cool now? Weird.