Thursday, March 22, 2007

Best in Show: Shanshu

Click the picture above to see my bling

Well, the results are in and it's official: I am now somebody's favorite blog. For a while now, fellow blogger and Kansas native Ookami Snow has been having a tournament of sorts, for the Blog Bracket, as I like to call it. He lined up a bunch of blogs he read on a daily basis, and put them into a bracket worth of the NCAA. Then he would have each blog pair up with a rival, and see who won for that week. It was awesome, and a great idea, and I hope he does something similar in the future.

Check out the blog bracket here.

The competition was stiff, and the drama was real. But in the end, Dust-Slaying Nano Shurikens of Doom Redux ended up the victor, and all blogs must now bow before my mighty keyboard of death!

Woot. Fuckin' A. Word. Hellz yah. RESPECT!

It's an honor to win such an award...or rather, such a title. I'd like to dedicate this victory to all of the people and things that made this blog what it is, today:

First off, a big thanks to God. Without Him, nothing would exist and that includes blogs, so technically this win is all because He took the time to make blogs, annoying people, and celebrities. Oh, and He also took the time to create irony and famine. Awesome.

Secondly, I'd like to thank the people who read this blog. Yes, you know who you are...because you're reading this right now. Yes, you are. Don't fucking lie to me. You're reading this, and you enjoy thank you.

I'd also like to thank all the stupid celebrities and idiots in Hollywood that occasionally give me something to make fun of, or vent about. Without your pretentiousness and ability to shield your eyes from the real world, I would on occasion be forced to post something about the un-ending winter or the lack of smart people in my office. So, kudos to all the Anna-Nicole-Britney-Paris-Bastards out there in the world. Thank you.

I'd also like to give a shout out to my producer. I don't actually have one...but every speech I've ever heard has this person included in the "shout out" portion of the acceptance speech, so I get one, too. Shouts out to my producer.

Most of all, I'd like to thank Blogger. You give us all a space on the Internet to vent our problems, annoyances, our pictures, our stories...our lives. You rock, even if you sold out to Google. Don't feel bad, though. I'm sure if Google offered me enough money, I would be bent over a desk wearing an apron and saying "Thank you, Google may I have another?".

Nothing but love, Blogger. Nothin' but luv.

I accept this title as "New Favorite Blog" and I will do my best to see that I do not sully the name of this great title, and do my best to post interesting things about my life, my frustrations, or anything I think will make you smile.

Sometimes I might post whatever I want,, just expect that. You know, I might just decide to make a post about shower farts, or something. That's how I roll.

Oh, and I may tell you sex stories, or other tales of group bunny debauchery.
Anyway, I'm a favorite blog, now. Recognize my authority. It is to be feared, if not respected.
I fucking rule, yo.


Maccafreak said...

YAY!! I knew you would win!

Penny said...

congratulations of highest of bloggers!

May much rejoicing and group bunny follow you all the days of your life!

Crabby said...

GET OUTA TOWN! Shower farts? I can do bathtub farts but how do you make bubbles in the shower? Or is that not the object?

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! WOOT! You go Shanshu!

MsLittlePea said...

Go's your birthday!!!

I hate when people do that since it's never the recipient's birthday but it seemed appropriate.

By the way, you forgot to thank the Academy. And you were supposed to tear up a little. You also didn't get on a soap box and say anything political. Not that I'm criticizing...the bunnies told me to tell you that.

Think Frustrated said...

I don't know. I wasn't even notified that I was in the competition. I didn't post, and lost most of my matchups by default. I still think you would've kicked my ass.