Thursday, August 23, 2007



Most of the time I consider myself to be somewhat of a snob when it comes to cinema and television. The reason being that I have grown to love the visual art form genre, and the things we love tend to be easier to criticize. Having stated that necessary but semi-pretentious introduction, I will now inform my loyal seven readers of my newest and most exciting media event in months: Californication.

David Duchovny is back and better than ever in this new series on Showtime. While the series plot has only just begun to grow and show us the murky depths of emotional confusion and sexual energy that is possible in dramatic comedies, it is obvious that Californication will become a new hit loved by generations X, Y, and possibly even Z.

Duchovny plays author Hank Moody (a name I truly hope is a pen name and not a not-so-subtle hint towards his character’s mood) who recently relocated to Los Angeles from New York. Traveling to LA to secure his new movie deal and spread his creative wings in a new city, he finds himself thrown into a web of surprises, disappointments, and seemingly infinite romantic possibilities. Harboring a complicated but very real love for his ex-girlfriend and daughter and suffering from a new case of writer’s block, Hank does his best to adapt to his new surroundings and take back the life he once had.

Duchovny’s supporting cast is well chosen and easy to welcome in, including his ex-girlfriend (played by Natascha McElhone) who is currently harboring thoughts of getting married to a man that Duchovny’s character is not exactly thrilled about knowing. The back and forth between Hank and his ex’s new love interest is worth the price of admission, alone.

You might also remember Hank’s agent (Evan Handler) from Sex and the City and guest appearances on Lost and Friends.

The story is interesting, the characters are believable and fun, and the sexual deviance and chaotic normalcy of everyday life in LA is hard to ignore and even harder to dislike.

This is my new addiction, and I’m happy to have it. Californication is a great new show with tremendous potential to steal away our Monday nights. Check it out on Showtime, Monday nights at 9:30.

Jen's footnote: I read this post and skimmed the review, assuming that Shanshu had copied it from some movie review site. When I told him this, he informed me that he had, in fact, written the review himself. I asked him to allow me to add this little footnote in case any of his other blog fans assumed the same. Shan wrote it. He's a writing rock star.

*This ends my shameless plug and Showtime’s free publicity.
(Showtime, if you’re reading this, please inform your gift department that my favorite color is black and I enjoy mini-muffins. Blueberry.)

*Also note that some of the pictures above were borrowed from
Showtime’s Californication site. I used them with permission….I hope. They didn’t tell me I couldn’t do it.
(Again, if you are reading this, Showtime: please know that I am giving you credit for your pictures and I hope you don’t get mad at me. No shouting, please. If you want me to take them down from my site, I will gladly to so to avoid your wrath.)


Crabby said...

I already had it set to tivo. Looked good right away to me. Although you would gak at some of the stuff I watch. (big brother)
Oh go ahead and throw stuff.
Now if you're sitting I'll tell you something worse. I think I'm gonna try out for that show.
Those people make a lot of money just to get on the jury! I could get a new computer or a nintendo WII or something.

Shanshu said...

Nintendo Wii is a lot of fun. I haven't had a Wii party in awhile, though. I need to do that soon, I think.

And then afterwards, we'll all watch Californication! It's brilliant!

Callie said...

Showtime has the best series', but the WORST movie programming. They must have a crappy deal with the production companies and distributors.

Glad to hear DD is in something good for a change. Hopefully, it sticks.

Anonymous said...

Never heard oh that show before. Sounds really good.

Think Frustrated said...

I don't get Showtime. I can't afford it. However, the bald guy looks like a penis with ears wearing a suit.

MsLittlePea said...

I don't have showtime. I'll make friends with someone who does so I can watch it though....

cathouse teri said...

This show I have not seen. But if it has David and Natascha in it, I can't see HOW it could miss!

Valerie said...

Thanks for the tip--I'll have to check it out on ON DEMAND. Looks like a good cast--I love David Duchovny, but I wasn't an X-Files fan. I became a fan when he hosted Saturday Night Live and did a pretty believable Jeff Goldblum playing Celebrity Jeopardy. I've been trying to find a video clip, but no luck.

Kay said...

If you guys are going to watch Californication, you've got to be watching Weeds too. It's on right before it, you can't not; to miss Weeds would be an ubersin of apocalyptic proportions.

Think Frustrated said...

Ok. I did read this post, by the way. Your review is perfect. Great show.

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