Tuesday, August 28, 2007

60-foot Waterslide!

I did some pretty dumb things when I was a kid, and I'm sure I've done plenty of not-very-smart things during my college years and drunk adventures.

However, I am totally blown away by the amount of balls it would take to do this:

super fun happy slide

Holy effing shit.


Shanshu said...

Our question here is: How did they know where to put the yellow pool to splash into after the slide?

Did they use physics to figure that out? Did they use a formula that took into account the height of the house, the angle of the slide, the wind and water resistance, the weight of the person sliding, and use all of that to calculate the proper upward arc trajectory to propel a person directly into the pool?

Or did they just guess?

The Humanaught said...

Looking at how the slide was constructed, I'm betting it was a pretty good educated guess. I wonder if they used a sack of potatoes ... or the dog ... to trial it. ;-)

That's pretty rad either way.

Kay said...

The credits list the guys who built it, and then the guys who engineered it. So I'm betting some formula using physics.

That is fucking awesome. I'd really like to know what happened when the parentals got home though...

Callie said...

I'm with Kay. My first thought was . . . what happened when the parents got wind of this? Cuz, you know they will. And I would NOT want to be anywhere near there when they did. LOL.

It looked pretty cool, though.


Spinning Girl said...

That rocks my socks. Linky madness will now ensue!!!