Friday, December 23, 2005

Annoying to the Point of Homicidal Thoughts

You know what I hate most about New Year's? Not the parties or the countdowns, or even those lame noise-makers. What I hate about New Year's Eve is the fact that people try to be clever by saying the following phrase:

"See you next year!"

I fucking hate that. The people who say that think they're being so clever, too. They're hoping that somebody is going to hear that and say "What do you mean? Why won't I see you for a whole year?" and then they can be all smug and witty and say "Well, you'll see me tomorrow...that's next year. Ha ha! Got you! I'm so much smarter than you!"

Fucking lame.

Somebody said that to me today and I almost choked them.

Happy Holidays!!!


HizzleThizzle said...

I hate that too. Its funny once. Like the very first person who ever tried that.. that was probably funny. But every copycat since then should be shot.

I found your g/f by the way. Shes my new favorite read :)

Shanshu said...

Really? She'll be happy to hear that...for a while I think she was afraid that nobody read her blog.


musie said...

i sometimes say it, but not so much to be clever its just the only time of year you can say it to people you regularly see :P

Spinning Girl said...


Merry Christmas!

DaMasta said...

Merry Christmas, E Dog!!

Thanks for all the laughs and ..


See ya next year!

Tydes Perdition said...

When I say it, I usually do so in the lamest, 'Game Show Host' style possible. Usually, I'll also give them 'The Gun' with my one hand the simultaneous wink just for effect.

The women just love it. You can almost hear their panties get wet when I do it.

Anamika Anyone said...

Was just about to say that... but..
Have fun!
This'll do...

Shanshu said...

tydes: I think the way you do it is acceptable...anybody else must die.

Happy New Year's to all! I am not blogging because it's still my Xmas vacation.

I miss you. Pizzle is here, and he says hi. Actually, he flipped me off and then cooked me bacon.

Crystal said...

I used to say that every year when my Grandpa would drop me off at all-night rollerskating.

Think Frustrated said...

OH MY GOD. So I'm that guy. I pretty much said that to everyone in the office. I am usually so clever. Maybe I should have told my boss and her assistant, "Catch you in the '06, bitches. Don't get too drunk because I will." Shan, I'm sorry. Anyway, talk to you next year.