Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Party Top 9

In an effort to avoid any embarassing lawsuits from David Letterman or CBS, I am going to offer up to you, my faithful readers, a top 9 list of...

Reasons Why My Christmas Party Rocked:

9. Somebody almost ate the mistletoe even after I told them it was poison
8. A hot girl was already drunk by 8:37pm after arriving at 7:45pm
7. 14 people were invited, yet somehow 23 people showed up
6. I met yet another new reader who assured me she is going to participate in OSW
5. I saw 3 bras and 2 pairs of panties before midnight. Giggidy-Giggidy!
4. Mulled Wine
3. The guy upstairs didn't call the cops on us, even after it was 4:30am
2. There was NO alcohol-induced vomiting on the premises.

And the number one reason why my Christmas Party rocked...

1. Because it was MY Christmas party, bitches. My shit always works, sometimes!!


Jen said...

I can give you reason 9.5: Because I'm the hostess with the mostest!!

musie said...

more bras then panties? hmm i suppose i would show my bra first too, but then again, i usually skip wearing panties at a decent party ^^

Pizzle said...

What a weird coincidence, Musie...me too!


HighMaintenanceHussy said...

Wait. NO alcohol-induced vomiting on premises? You sure you qualify that as a victory?

Merry Christmas! :)

DaMasta said...

Dang, I don't even see that many bras and panties at my own house.

And I'm a girl.