Wednesday, October 17, 2007

USB: Useable Sweet Batteries

So this is the coolest thing this week. Well, maybe just the coolest thing today.
Talk about handy...they now have rechargable USB batteries. No more of that antiquated "old school" power outlet crap. No, sir. Just plug into the closest USB port and in 4 hours you are up and running.


Think Frustrated said...

Very cool, but at $16.75 a pair, I'm going to wait until some friendly competition drives the prices down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, bet that the next thing to come out will be a cell phone charger that has a USB port on it. Who needs regular old plug in the wall when you have a computer!

Ookami Snow said...

Very cool.

I would say coolest thing of the week.

Think Frustrated said...

Kryptonite - I have a cord to plug my Razr into my USB port. Most new Motorolas have that capability. Just find a cord for your digital camera, and it will fit in the phone, then to the computer. I mostly use it to modify the software on my phone, but it's a convenient way to charge the thing, too.

Shanshu said...

Yeah, my Blackberry has a USB port that works on a computer, and I also have a USB wall charger.

So....looks like technology is one step ahead of us!

Ookami Snow said...

And soon that one step ahead will be two, and then three.

If this the beginning of the end of mankind?