Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Apparently, I Should Fall Down More

According to a few of my friends, I'm a complete idiot. They assume that I walk around all day with a bucket on my head, bumping into things and getting into trouble by drinking the stuff under the sink.

I'm not sure why I've been branded as a moron by some of these people. You would think, since they know me and supposedly respect and like me, that they would not assume I ride the short bus to work on a daily basis, or punch my own face when I hear a loud noise.

But that is not the case. They assume I am so stupid, I can't spell my own name.

I'm always the one who gets the "let me explain this to you" speech. I never ask to be schooled in the ways of things, but somehow I must put off an air of "please teach me" because everybody seems to think I require this. I don't mind learning new things, of course. But it starts to get annoying when people try to "teach" me things I've already learned. It gets uber-annoying, when it's something that I would consider common sense.

"Shanshu, ASAP is an acronym for "As Soon As Possible." I bet you didn't know that, so I'm telling you."

"Hey, Shan....don't forget the meeting is at 8:00am. That's in the morning."

Me: That new game for the Xbox looks fun.
Ted: You don't have an Xbox, you have a Playstation. You can't play that game.
Me: Um....I know that.
Ted: Oh. I assumed you didn't.

Maybe it's a guy thing. You know, one of those penis things that makes guys want to prove each other wrong and make the other one feel like crap, just to feel superior and glorious in victory? Since we can no longer battle for dominance or hunt our own food, we feel the need to conquer women and hit each other with metaphoric clubs to show we are the dominant males of the circle?

I'm not sure what the answer is. Perhaps there isn't one. Or perhaps, I'm just too stupid to see it.


Ookami Snow said...

fyi (that means for your information) - I think that this happens to all of us... although it seems to happen to you more than others...

Callie said...

Well, it could also mean that the idiots you're dealing with probably didn't know until they asked or were told, and they just assumed everyone else was that stupid.


Kay said...

Callie could be onto something there.

I tell my buds about new things when I learn them, but I usually ask before launching into a description.
Maybe it is a guy thing... I'm sorry bro, that would get old rather quickly.

Crabby said...

Oh man! I HATE it when somebody starts a sentence to me with..."Let me explain this to you." Makes me wanna deck them before the next word leaves their mouth. And I'm not a guy.

Dude, the answer to this is simple...those guys are "the assholes". Most of them have insecurity issues. Just be glad you're not one of them.