Monday, October 01, 2007

The Britney Trainwreck Continues

It's like watching your friend puke all over themselves at a party. You don't want to look, and it disturbs your stomach and makes you want to look away...but you can't help but laugh at the same time.

Other people's pain is funny. Especially when it's an annoying, trashy, burn out like Britney fucking Spears. I just can't give her or Paris Hilton enough shit.

Apparently, Britney has lost custody of her children to the somewhat lesser of two evils, Kevin Federline. I suppose he's watching Blue's Clues with them as we speak and NOT doing drugs or forgetting to shower.

I'm glad the courts think they have the children's best interest in mind, and NOT a bullshit teenage desire to be on TV or in the media spotlight. I'm sure that it makes more sense to have the kids be with the out of work, trashy broke guy as opposed to the almost-out of work, trashy rich girl. I'm sure there's a fly in that logic ointment, somewhere.

I mean, seriously. How bad of a parent are you, when a judge decides that fucking K-Fed would be a better role model and parental unit to your children? Time to self-evaluate, I'm thinking.

Rock on, Britney. Your plan to reduce yourself to Miss Dairy Queen Employee of the Month 2009 is well under way. Be sure to eat more ice cream and forget your manners. Oh, and start practicing wearing paper hats along with your fake hair. They can be tricky.

In other, more important news:

Flower, the lovable matriarch in the hit show "Meerkat Manor" has recently passed away. Details are sketchy at this point, but what we do know is that Flower has proven herself to be a better mother than Britney Spears.


Think Frustrated said...

I'm glad that K-Fed got the kids. Britney is a steaming pile of shit, and K-Fed is just a turd.

Crabby said...

Flower died? Not Flower! Oh will I live without you?

Where's her mouth? I see eyes and mouth. What thee hell do ya do with a Meerkat anyway? Can you eat 'em?

Shanshu said...

tf: agreed.

crabby: You cannot eat a meerkat. You can cuddle them and watch them frolic, but that's about it.

Tim said...

OJ killed the mother of his kids and they never got taken from him. That says a lot about how bad of a parent she must be.

Kay said...

Wasn't Flower a bit of a whore? I've never watched it, my buddy keeps me updated.

And K-Fed's getting that fat child support check from Britt...

At least there've never been pictures of K-Fed with the kids on his lap while he's driving the car. He might just be less white-trash than she is.

Callie said...

One thing about this whole Britney fiasco that I'm LOVING - hubby has finally seen how misled he was when he thought she was talented and cute.

He'd go on and on about how the press should leave her alone, that she was misunderstood, blah blah blah. HA!

Other than that - I just wish they'd stop plastering her face all over the media. It's getting annoying.