Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Office Supply Wednesday

Omi recently fell into the mix with the nearby copy/fax machine combo monster unit. I was able to capture a few shots, unnoticed by our hero:

Here you can see that Omi the Orange Office Ninja has encountered the strange goliath copier/fax combo machine. In an effort to press his dominance over all things office supply, Omi attempts to reason with the plastic beast.

Oh, no! The copier/fax machine fights back! Here you can see Omi in a desperate situation...

Yikes! The green laser beams of death have begun to scan our hero! What diabolical scheme has this Xerox beast hatched for Omi?

This means war!


Spinning Girl said...

Now that is a freaking RIOT. I must post my OSW! I'm on vacation, so I will take a picture of my home desk.

Maccafreak said...

LMAO! I've come back a few times just to look at the last picture and laugh.

Jen said...

You did well! That's great!

Shanshu said...

"You did well"


Thanks for the encouragement, mom. I'll be sure to stow that away in my unwanted compliments section.

You could have said "That was funny" or "I enjoyed reading this post"....but no. You chose to go the "I pat you on your cute little head because you're special" route.

Lame, woman. SO lame.

Jen said...


Crystal said...

the photocopy is brilliant! :)