Friday, March 24, 2006

Musical Maladies

Have you ever wanted to hear a song that you used to love, but is no longer around? Have you ever found yourself searching through closets and used records stores in an attempt to once again hear this song you used to listen to all the time when you were younger? Have you ever found the act of finding said song to be something of a quest? An annoying, frustrating, difficult quest what most often yields negative results, in the end? A quest for musical perfection to quell the urges and memories in your pathetic little brain that leaves you longing?

Well, I'm on such a quest, at this exact moment in time. And it sucks. It sucks donkey balls without a reach-around. It sucks in the face. If I can't find the song I'm looking for soon, I'm pretty sure I'll lose all hope in the internet and it's philosophy of "world wide sharing" and ease of use. Ease of use, my ass. Where's my fucking song?

That song has got to be out there, somewhere. It's ricockulous that I haven't found it, yet. I can't be the only person in the universe who likes this song...somebody out there, had to have uploaded it to a web page, or audio listing. Right?

The closest I've found to what I seek, is some pansy-foo remix that sounds like ass. And when I say "sounds like ass" I am of course referring to the fact that the music resembles a pack of monkeys farting on a microphone in rhythm with each other, along with piano accompaniment.

I will find that gorram song. Oh, yes.

It will be mine.

Bonus Points: +10 Cool Points to the first person to identify the Firefly reference in this post.


Bad Touch said...

That firefly ref made my gorram butt twitch. I got all excited in my nethers.



B.O.B.I. said...

DAMMIT! I wanted to be the first gorram one to identify the Firefly reference!

Thanks for the comment, Shan, it WAS a blast. I'd suggest going and meeting fellow bloggers... it's AWESOME fun!

Sorry about your song, I know exactly what you mean. Thankfully, I forgot about my quest before I went insane (or because I was going insane... whichever) but maybe if you can clue us in on what it is, we can help.

Help me help YOU, Shanshu. Help me help YOU!!

Shanshu said...

bad touch: +10 gorram cool points for the Firefly knowledge. I give BOBI +2.5 gorram cool points for his use of Firefly slang, as well.

The song is "Cry Little Sister" from The Lost Boys soundtrack. You'd think that would be easy to find...but NO.

I don't want to go buy the soundtrack, either. That's not what the internet was created for.

~Manda said...

hiya, first time here! :) seen your comment on my friends blog.. about her HNT and people think she is a freak now.. LOL

well anyway i think she has the lost boys cd, we use to listen to it all the time...

our fav was
"people are strange, when your a stranger, faces look ugly when your alone. women seem wicked when your unwanted...." and so on! lol sorry! ;) like that song.

anyway check with about it. ;)


Robyn said...

Hey yea I'm said freak lol. I do have that cd still. Not sure how I could get the song to ya though. hmm any ideas?

Black house will walk, blind boys don't lie....cryyy little sister, thou shalt not fallll....come..come to ya brotha....thou shalt not.........

yep got that one. =)

~Manda said...

lol see i told ya! :)

we are some singing, mo'fo's hee hee


Shanshu said...

robyn & manda-

Ohhhh not just one, but TWO new readers! That is uber swanky. I would normally insert a "group bunny" comment here...but since you're new, I'll be good.


Thanks for the the offer, but somebody already emailed me an mp3 of the song I was lacking. The internet has come through for me, afterall! w00t

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to come back with more song stylings and freakiness.

DaMasta said...

I have no idea what the fuck this post is about [lol], but I like you anyways. And that's all I have to say.

luv ya.


The Humanaught said...

Hey Shan, just wanted to let ya know I've not forgotten about your blog. I read every post - just been using Bloglines as it is easier than having to go the slow route around the Great Firewall of China.

Ummm.. heard of LimeWire buddy? I quested your quest for all of 2 minutes and now am listening to Sisters of Mercy - Cry Little Sister. Great tune, even better movie. I need to go down and splurge the $1 and buy the DVD. Gotta love China's anti-pirating laws.

drunkbh said...

Humanaught beat me to it. Yeah it took me just a minute or two as well. Gotta love Limewire.

kimberlina said...

hey, i LIKE the sounds of monkeys farting in rhythm with a piano!

Robyn said...

lol I'm too late. I just got the mp3 of it and was gonna share. its by sisters of mercy

Crystal said...

LMFAO @ kimberlina

man did i LOVE the lost boys. actually i watched it again about 4 months ago.

you cracked me up with: "i don't want to buy the soundtrack. that's not the what the internet was created for."

Danikabur said...

I have that song! It took me forever to find it too... turns out my brother had it the whole time I was searching. Shoulda Gorram asked him in the first place.

You also reminded me... I need to go by Serenity.

Rowan said...

I have the soundtrack Shanshu and yes, limewire is where one can "acquire" this lovely song (as I myself was to lazy to pull out the CD to add track to the iPod) in a very quick heartbeat...

Makes me feel so cool to know that you like a song I still hold very near and dear to my black little heart.

I have been singing old "Tiffany" songs lately....(gawd help me!) so I know how you're feeling.