Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Different, but Same.

Well, for those of you who have been crying yourselves to sleep at night, wondering about my fate…you can relax once again. I have returned to work, and so I will once again have access to the internet, and more importantly, to my blog. I know that many of you count on my blog as a source of comfort and continuity in this chaotic and cruel world of ours. I know these past few weeks have left you with a hole in your insides; an endless pit of despair from which you never thought you would escape. I am here to tell you, that you can rejoice in the knowledge that I have returned to fill your days and nights with insight, wit, and a certain failing bedside manner.

As some of you may or possibly may not know, my contract with Sprint ended a few weeks ago…somewhat abruptly. I was in the office that Monday for a total of 22 minutes, before my boss Kathy (also known as the evil bitch woman of death) came to me and took me into a conference room down the hall…where she proceeded to call my contracting agency so they could inform me that I would no longer be working in that department. She then walked me back to my desk, and watched as I cleaned out my desk and gathered my pitiful and few belongings. She then escorted me to the door, took my badge, and spat in my face.

Ok, that’s a stretch. She didn’t spit in my face, but she was so rude to me, that she might as well have. It’s ok, I don’t mind. In her next life, based on the kindness she has shown in this life, she’ll most likely end up living as a tampon string.

Anyway, with no assignment to occupy my time, I spent the next week at home doing absolutely nothing. You know how some people say things like “Oh, I was off of work for over a week once, and I got so bored at home with nothing to do. I was glad to come back to the office”? Well, let me tell you that I am NOT one of those people. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off, and was sad when I was offered a new temp assignment at Sprint. This time, I am in a new building (the same as my mom, actually) with new rules, personnel, and parking strategies. I will be doing the same type of boring, repetitive work that has the unfortunate side-effect of causing my intellect and creativity to be sucked out of me like a chocolate shake…but work is money, and money is needed, and so work is needed.


The good news is, the current position I am in has the potential to become a real job with Sprint, which means more money and benefits and stuff like that. Maybe I could even get them to pay for my schooling, so that I can write creative stories about how the corporate world is slowly killing the souls and imaginations of its employees through mindless tasks and mission statements. Did I mention that I really enjoyed my time off?

Anyway, I’m hoping that I can save up enough money with this new assignment, to be able to purchase my very own computer, since I haven’t had my own for quite a while, now. Then I can update my blog all the time, and without the aid of places like Sprint with their fascist sign-in polices (I have to send my new boss an email when I arrive everyday, and also when I leave for the day. I have to do this everyday, without fail). Goody gumdrops! Golly gee, I love working here! Corporate life is swell!

At least I can update my blog again. Perhaps someday, someone will actually read it.

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