Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A Dark Shroud Has Fallen Over Lawrence, Kansas

Happy Day After Valentine’s Day! I trust that everyone had a good day yesterday? Well, if you’re a Jayhawk fan then no matter how romantic or fun your evening was, it ended in a very depressing way. Our beloved KU basketball Titans have suffered another terrible loss. We are now 20-2, and even though we have only 2 losses for the season, I think you will agree with me that they were both stupid losses. Villanova beat us, and now Texas Tech? That’s just dumb.

Last night’s game was, at least, a very noble effort and nail-biter. I know of at least 2 people last night who suffered heart-attacks once we made it to DOUBLE OVERTIME. I myself felt a bit weak in the knees when Keith Langford missed an important free throw to tie the game….so the game did not lack in drama and stress. I guess that’s what sports are all about, aren’t they?

Anyway, enough about my mourning period.

Yesterday was a good Valentine’s Day for me. After work, Jen and I went to a nice little Italian café called Carmen’s Café. It was a nice place for Latin and Italian food…very swanky. You can get fried mozzarella sticks, or some tapas or empenadas. Jen and I decided to stick the Italian food portion of the menu, and that was probably a good thing. Now, while the atmosphere and wait-staff were great, and the wine was warm in the tummy, the food left something to be desired. Upon first inspection of my Shrimp Scampi dinner, a feeling of pea soup kept springing to mind. Now, I don’t even know what pea soup tastes like…but I’m pretty sure I know what it looks like, and my dinner looked like pea soup with noodles and 4 shrimp. It was…not the best meal I’ve ever had. Jenni’s dinner was pretty much like mine, except her ravioli was more like Chef Boyardee, instead of a swanky Italian restaurant.

So going out to dinner was nice, but it left us wanting. Oh, although Jen did tell me that they had the best tiramisu she had ever had, in her entire life. So that must be saying something.

After dinner, we went to see the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra play, for a special Valentine's Day concert. Ah, yes. Very romantic, and also fun for people like us, who are former high school orchestra students (violin, thank you very much). I enjoyed the performance, especially the Adagio for Strings….ah, beautiful sadness. They also did the Brandenburg Concerto by Bach, and I must say I was not impressed with it. I think the 1st Violin, 2nd chair needs a little work on pitch and rhythm. Anyway, the performance was great, and we enjoyed it.

After the KCCO, Jen and I stopped by the Blue Moose bar to try and catch some of the KU game. After some beers and a few Jager Bombs, we decided to pack it up, and head home. Then there was the yelling and screaming and fainting and swearing and jumping and banging…at the game, not each other.

So I guess I had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday! I wish my team had won the game, but all the great things that happened make up for that.

OH WAIT I forgot the best part of last night. Jen got me a Valentine's Day card. Isn't that sweet? Oh, there's just one thing: We decided not to do cards, chocolates, candies, presents, balloons, or anything else this year. So, of course I didn't get her anything because that was what we agreed on...and then she cheats and gets me a card. It was a very nice card, too. It had felt on the cover, and bows and everything. Then she looks at me for a second, almost expectantly. I was like "Hey! We agreed no cards! What is this crap? You little sneak! I can't believe you expected me to cheat, just because you did! Now I look like a creep!"

She didn't disagree with me.

So apparantly, not only am I a jerk for obeying our guidelines and not buying her a card or flowers, but my meal was bad and my team lost. Hell, maybe I DIDN'T have a great Valentine's Day, afterall.

No, no...I did. I did have a great Valentine's Day. But now I owe Jen two. I owe her a heart attack for the scare-job she pulled on me the other night (see her blog for more info about the Ringu incident), and now I owe her some major-league guilt.

Pack your bags, Jen. You're going on a guilt-trip.


Jen said...

For the record...we discussed Valentine's Day GIFTS, not cards. In fact, your words were that we shouldn't exchange gifts but that you would "Of course" (quote) get a card or candy or something. That's exactly why I bought the card, because you said you were going to, so nah!

Shanshu said...

You know how I can tell when you're lying, Jen? Your lips move.

Back off, Sneaky McCheat!