Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Belated Birthday Blog

Well, my birthday is officially over. Now I have nothing but the memories in my head and the pictures in my camera to remind me of the good times when I was only 26 years old.

My birthday party was a lot of fun, though. We all had a blast, I think. Greg Kling drove down from Wichita, John and Erin drove down from Lawrence…people like me. We started off the evening at McBride’s Irish Pub around 9:30, or so. This would have normally been a great time to be there; however Saturday night was disappointing, to say the least. We arrived for Old People’s Night, I think. There were very few young people there, and I honestly felt as if any moment I would see my old history teacher from high school emerge from the bathroom and offer to buy me a drink. We made the best of it, though…no oldies are gonna’ stand in our way! We had some drinks and laughed and had fun. Connie and Jason stopped by as well, which was great since I hadn’t seen Connie since before I left for Europe….so that was good.

We did have some problems with our waitress, though. Apparently she was under the impression that we wanted to pace ourselves with the drinking…because it took her over 20 minutes to bring us another round! She was pretty bad…at one point my friend Elizabeth said the following, after I asked her if she wanted a drink: “Well I do, but I already ordered one when I first got here. It still hasn’t come, though….it’s been over 30 minutes, should I just go to the bar?” That was pretty much how it was, all night. But the bartender made up for the crappy waitress…she even made me a free birthday shot and lit the bar on fire for me while I drank it. She said it was a Chocolate Cake shot, but frankly I thought it tasted more like lemon sugar than chocolate...but it was free and she was cute so that’s all that matters.

After McBride’s, we all piled into our cars and headed back to the apartment for drinks and fun and games and such. Jen took pictures and we all poured drinks and just had fun. I’m not sure exactly all that happened, but I do distinctly remember mooning the geese outside in the pond, from my balcony. Good times. I also remember that we didn’t stop the party until well after 6:00am and that’s a good party for anybody’s standards.

All in all, I had a good birthday weekend and I’m glad for that. Maybe next year I’ll rent a pony and NOT go to the bar on Old Person Night.

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